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Spiritual Growth

Connection to Spirit, Detachment from Addiction

As the title says a Connection to Spirit helps with detachment from addiction. I was once at such a low vibration I was almost not even alive. I just wondered through life emotionless. There where gifts given to me on... Continue Reading →

Feelings, Vibrations, Colors, Sound, God

I want to share something but words can hardly describe the feelings, vibrations, colors, sound, and images that best describes the awareness I have of self.   Something people don't see, is that everyone they meet is made of the... Continue Reading →

Giving our power and energy away.

Giving our power and energy away. By Matthew Stark In today's fast paced modern society everyone is looking for the quickest, cheapest answer. Even at the cost of giving our power and energy away.  When it can't be found they... Continue Reading →

Beginning With Forgiveness

Dear Family and Friends, I write today to speak about beginning with forgiveness.  What do I mean when I say to begin with forgiveness?  What are we beginning?  Where are we going?  These are the questions I will answer if... Continue Reading →

The Immortal Sin, Lust

"The Kingdom of God does not come with your careful observation, nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you." Luke 17:22 The Immortal Sin, Lust. by Matthew Stark The... Continue Reading →

Christians are not the enemy.

Christians are not the enemy. I would like it on record, that although I preach a good game and talk a good talk. I struggle just like everyone of you. Following the narrow path of Jesus doesn't mean I think... Continue Reading →

I want to be normal too.

I want to be normal too. I want to be normal too. When I am in-between jobs for God I tend to spend a lot of time watching my friends, family, and society live their lives. I sort of sit... Continue Reading →

Pain is an Experience

Pain is an experience we use in our survivability.  Desire protects us from pain. So we must learn to attribute our life and who we are with all our experiences. Learning about who we are is called spirituality, the path... Continue Reading →

To gain your soul and creativity back.

To gain your soul and creativity can be hard in a mind numbing society. This article discusses how people have started feeding their minds and altering their reality.  Going further back into the history of mankind and earlier forms of growth and... Continue Reading →

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