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Boycotting Big Oil, can it be done?

Boycotting Big Oil, can it be done? We're not stopping a pipeline, we're protecting a planet. There are people all over the world working on different project from protecting endangered species, to environmentalist, humanitarians, light workers, engineers and scientists.  People... Continue Reading →

To Truly Protest Corruption

As I was preparing to head out to the North Dakota pipeline to show my support and unity for a cleaner greener tomorrow. I realized to truly protest corruption, I have to stop being a part of it.  This occurred... Continue Reading →

Hydrogen Power to end the Pipeline

We see a sickness and what is the first thing we do?  We treat the symptoms.  Sure we can stop the pipeline from being built and we should.  What caused the pipeline to be build in the first place?  Our... Continue Reading →

Future of The Crow Foundation

Hello Loves, I am excited to share that we are getting ready to hit the road.  Just in case you're wondering who we are, we are Niko the great Corgi and Matthew Gods Disciple. We are traveling from our family... Continue Reading →

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