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North Dakota Pipeline

From Standing Rock to Love

From Standing Rock to Love I must apologize for my long term absence.  I have been traveling a long distance across our great nation.  I left Wisconsin back in January to march with the Veterans at Standing Rock on January... Continue Reading →

Boycotting Big Oil, can it be done?

Boycotting Big Oil, can it be done? We're not stopping a pipeline, we're protecting a planet. There are people all over the world working on different project from protecting endangered species, to environmentalist, humanitarians, light workers, engineers and scientists.  People... Continue Reading →

Wisconsin Green Party Summit

September 18th 2016 Today marks a day that will forever change my view of the world.  I gave up on politics when I gave up on the two party system.  Yet after running into the Green Party during a North... Continue Reading →

Standing in Solidarity with Standing Rock

Today the Crow Foundation found others who are standing with those who are protecting the North Dakota water ways.  Seeing many people standing in solidarity with Standing Rock and the Sacred Stone Camp. From all ages to all backgrounds people are... Continue Reading →

#NoDAPL Day of Action

We no longer live in a time of ignorance, we live in a time of awakening.  All around the world people are realizing that the world in which we live is not the right way of living.  We are calling... Continue Reading →

The Future of America

When I speak, I speak with purpose.  Our words affect the world in which we live. Just as the world in which we live was created by Gods words. We learn to speak by defining the world around us.  By... Continue Reading →

A day to remember, in memory of all the innocents lost.

The root meaning of memorial is to remember, or worth remembering.  We remember the fallen soldiers, the young men and women, our nations children who served till death.  Yet we often forget to remember all the innocents lost in all... Continue Reading →

To Truly Protest Corruption

As I was preparing to head out to the North Dakota pipeline to show my support and unity for a cleaner greener tomorrow. I realized to truly protest corruption, I have to stop being a part of it.  This occurred... Continue Reading →

Hydrogen Power to end the Pipeline

We see a sickness and what is the first thing we do?  We treat the symptoms.  Sure we can stop the pipeline from being built and we should.  What caused the pipeline to be build in the first place?  Our... Continue Reading →

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