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Cultural Society

Giving our power and energy away.

Giving our power and energy away. By Matthew Stark In today's fast paced modern society everyone is looking for the quickest, cheapest answer. Even at the cost of giving our power and energy away.  When it can't be found they... Continue Reading →

Beginning With Forgiveness

Dear Family and Friends, I write today to speak about beginning with forgiveness.  What do I mean when I say to begin with forgiveness?  What are we beginning?  Where are we going?  These are the questions I will answer if... Continue Reading →

Christians are not the enemy.

Christians are not the enemy. I would like it on record, that although I preach a good game and talk a good talk. I struggle just like everyone of you. Following the narrow path of Jesus doesn't mean I think... Continue Reading →

I want to be normal too.

I want to be normal too. I want to be normal too. When I am in-between jobs for God I tend to spend a lot of time watching my friends, family, and society live their lives. I sort of sit... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Social Media and Globalizing Capitalism

The Cost of Social Media and Globalizing Capitalism.   There are many evident theories that can be easily seen through watching one hour of daily television, news papers, and work manners. Even in our very own workplaces we are not... Continue Reading →

To gain your soul and creativity back.

To gain your soul and creativity can be hard in a mind numbing society. This article discusses how people have started feeding their minds and altering their reality.  Going further back into the history of mankind and earlier forms of growth and... Continue Reading →

Wisconsin Green Party Summit

September 18th 2016 Today marks a day that will forever change my view of the world.  I gave up on politics when I gave up on the two party system.  Yet after running into the Green Party during a North... Continue Reading →

The Future of America

When I speak, I speak with purpose.  Our words affect the world in which we live. Just as the world in which we live was created by Gods words. We learn to speak by defining the world around us.  By... Continue Reading →

A day to remember, in memory of all the innocents lost.

The root meaning of memorial is to remember, or worth remembering.  We remember the fallen soldiers, the young men and women, our nations children who served till death.  Yet we often forget to remember all the innocents lost in all... Continue Reading →

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