The Crow Foundation

The Crow Foundation was started to help bring Medicine to the People. The medicine of unity.  The medicine of love.  We bring with us a message from the great Creator, the Great Spirit that lives within all of us.  The message is this, “We are one.”  The illusion of separation and division is over.

So I Matthew and my dog Niko travel around the country and world spreading the message of love and unity.  Along our path we stop and help out any and all on our path.  From Standing Rock to Oak Flats we are here to help.  We recognize the patterns of life and follow these patterns, creating new patterns of light and love in such a dark world.

We are working with many other great souls and expressions from around the world to help unite the tribes of the world.  From financial freedom to spiritual freedom we’re here to set people free.  To break the chains that limit our perspectives and grow into oneness, wholeness with all of creation.