I’m writing a book in this moment, a Book of Lies.   Not that my book will be a lie, only that I will be speaking on many lies told to us as a society throughout the ages.  From ancient times to modern times, with the vastness and wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and information flooding the internet there are many truths being revealed through out the world wide weab. This information is flooded to the point that the lies are becoming truths and the truths are becoming lies.

However this means there is truth in every lie, there is an opposite to what we think.  Something more sound and source than what we are lead to believe.  Please stop reading now if you are completely contented in life and do not want to be made aware of how we are all living one giant lie.

In this book I will be honest about my sources, perspectives and biases. There is no gain for me to lie to you. My only purpose to you is to help you cut through the clutter of the web and bring to you what I have spent the last 8 years discovering. Not that all the data I collected over the years is still available, but I will provide all journalism and studies done to show the truth of the light.  We will use both science, scripture, and constructive evidence to prove our truths and “their” lies.

For why would anyone want to deceive humanity? What is there to truly gain by hording knowledge and wisdom?  Why would anyone want to dumb down humanity?  These are questions that will be answered in the book.  Yet to put it simply now, it’s because they feel special and privileged.  They have pride and ego that distracts them from the true meaning of life.  It’s a selfish gain that only profits a few.

There is plenty of knowledge in the world from libraries, to catacombs of ancient texts (5 miles worth under the Vatican).  This knowledge should be free to all who seek it.  Just as God said, “ask and you shall receive.”  May we all believe so that through our faith all can be conceived.  For the eradication of corruption, the removal of consumption, let the eyes be opened, the hearts cleansed of evil, and the mind purified of sin.

For the greatest lie ever told keeps us all divided but as Christ said, “you will know my people for they will speak of oneness.” So let us be one in truth as we share our wisdom and knowledge with each other during the great Apocalypse, which just so happens to mean awakening.  Let’s awaken to the truth that will set us free of all our chains and bring us closer to the Heaven within us all.

Blessings to you all and my book should be out sometime this coming fall.  It’ll be a great summer.  God bless and God speed.