Women and Men, are we equal?

Women? Have you ever asked yourselves why you dress the way you do, why you follow the beauty trends around you?

Could you imagine for a moment that everything is reversed for men and women. That men wore revealing clothes, shaved the hair off their bodies, wore makeup, short shorts, and were treated as physical property?

Imagine for a moment that women could be topless, never shave, dress comfortable, and where viewed by the world as the strength of our race. Imagine would you a world where men where the dessert and appetizer for all your whims. Imagine billboards flooded with naked men, tv flooded with men being used as food for the eye.

If we reversed the roles of man and women, would you enjoy it? Do you yearn for the freedoms and comforts of men? If so, than why do you perpetuate societal trends that keep you in a never ending attempt to continually alter your body and image to suit the desires of people around you?

It’s time men and women are equal, regardless of what society wants. We need to break away from lust and desire, we need to fulfil our hearts and satisfy our soul with something we cannot find outside ourselves. We need to stop looking for approval from those around us and fully love who we are because we are all created in Gods image.

We no longer need to identify with our bodies but with our souls. It’s time to let go of the physical and embrace the spiritual. It’s time to let go of standards of man, and start living by the standards of God. Jesus came to show us the way, and the way is pure love for all.

Don’t find a partner in life, find a partner in spirit. Don’t look for a physical mate, but a soulmate. Find someone you connect with in heart, mind, and soul. The body is a vessel to be nourished, we are the elements working together to carefor our Fathers/Mothers creation. We are the embodiment of all the universe, and these vessels are only temporal, but our souls are forever.

Let’s walk away from the market of sexual desire and walk into the light. The light, an open market where love is free and created for all. Don’t wait for change from the outside world, change your self from the inside. Don’t go to the gym or the beauty salon. Go within your self to the true place of your being. It’s time to love the real you, not the physical you.

Thank you Jesus for showing us the way, may we continue to follow your guidance and love each other equally as you love all of us. Blessings to all.