Today April 2nd 2018,

The Future of Humanity and Lies.  The world is full of lies, you can see it in our food industry, in our medical industry, in our schools, and our businesses. Is there anything that is what it claims to be?  Everything we find through our studies shows that our food is poison, our medicine is poison, the water and air we breath have also been poisoned.  What can a person do to escape all these lies, all these poisons?

Today I leave back to Hopi in Arizona.  With them I have seen the infection of modern life affecting families, clans, and entire tribes.  However the Hopi are better off then most other tribes of North America, one of the last remaining tribes to still occupy their original land.  I travel to learn from them and to help them plant fields and fields of corn.

Why?  Because the future of humanity is in the secret to how the native tribes have lived in balance with nature, each other, and spirit.  We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we just have to remember a time when life was balanced and switch back to that time.  A Hopi Prophet from Old Oraibi said, “Know your water, grow your gardens, build your communities.”

It was also said by the Anasazi, “one day when the food is no longer eatable, the water no longer drinkable, the air no longer breathable, and the animals are going extinct; a tribe of warriors will rise together to unite all the tribes of the world.”  This will be a time of peace.  I mention these two passages from two different tribes, because you only have to look around to see through the lies, that this is the time we are living in now.

If there is anything we should be focused on in the coming years, it is to grow our gardens and build our communities.  Knowing thy water is a pivotal place to start with our future.  You can start to reduce the water runoff, and maintain higher levels of water on your property through the practice of permaculture. It’s our time now to take back responsibility for our lives.

I am not saying to just go out and live with the Native Americans, this is something you can do on your own land, if you’re fortunate enough to own land. It’s time to begin growing your own food, for our food industry is corrupt.  It’s time to stop being dependent on the government and start working together.  Stop putting your faith in the wicked, and give yourself to spirit.

For the spirit in everything is guiding us back together, like the minerals of the earth, we all come back together to our true original form. So as you view the world, view it with sensitive light eyes and find love in all you do.  For it’s time for us to work together as humans and with nature as well.  We can restore our place on this planet. There is hope for humanity and our love will live on.