Cycles of Attachment, Making room to let more in.

Our lives are a collection of memories, that once lived, they flow into a river of dreams. We have been told by our ancestors, passed down through prophecy that one day we would no longer be able to tell the difference between dreams and reality.  What are the difference when you only get to live in one moment? With each moment becoming a new creation. Where than does our past go?

For many of us it comes in the forms of attachment, or as we all experience, cycles of attachment. Throughout our lives we become very close to the objects around us and even people.  The first attachment we create is with our Mothers.  From birth to many ages on we are attached to our mothers, dependent on them for life.  Then it was the blanket or binki, than the toys.

Every few years you have had to let go of so many things, maybe even the loss of someone close to you, a family member or a pet.  In this time of loss you may not yet notice that which is entering your life. This process of loss and gain is not always noticeable.  Sometimes they are not even of our own choice or doing.

It can be painful to lose something or someone that we shared so many memories with.  A friend of mine recently had to throw away an entire house of items due to a chemical smell.  I could see the hurt as we threw away his furniture and clothing, treating his memories as garbage.  Not that the items had much value, but the memories created with them did.  These memories can be really hard to let go of.


Do we really need the items to maintain the truth of our memories, do the memories fade as the items and people that created them fade?  It may not be noticable with painful eyes and hearts, but God, Creator, the Universe always replaces what was lost with so much more.  When we look around our lives we can focus on all that is new or still there.  We have so much to be grateful for if we take the time to notice.

I do ponder if people in war torn countries, refugees who lost everything, families devastated by natural disasters ever find anything to still be grateful for.  For at the end of every day we still have our lives, these precious moments to not just create new memories, but remember all those memories that have helped us reach this point.  Like following breadcrumbs in a forest, we can always find our way home.

So as you wander through life, take time to enjoy the journey.  Life may seem hard or even dark at time.  It’s in these times the light is looking for you the most.  You only have to go within to find this light and you’ll see it around you.  So when the house burns down, when the floods wash everything away.  You’ll still be there with all the memories to carry forward on another journey.

Peace be with you.

Matthew Stark