The path to light can be very dark.  Many think that a spiritual path of self discovery and searching for God is a path of love and light, smiles and joy, happiness and laughter. So many people make a living teaching happiness that they hide their own insecurities, fears, and darkness.  Yet everyone living on earth experiences darkness, and many on a regular basis.

This misconception that being on a spiritual path of love and light is a beautiful creation that has no dark days has ruined many on their paths.  They begin to doubt them selves, questioning the process.  They begin to hide from their fears and retreat within.  Trying every method they can think of to create a better energetic atmosphere. Anything to remove the darkness.

I have been on my spiritual journey, or as my mother calls it my, “eat, pray, love journey.” for about 3 1/2 years now.  In reality it all begin over 6 years ago. In those 6 years I have known true happiness, true light, and I have known complete fear and darkness.  I have faced so much darkness on my path I had begin to doubt my own spiritual growth. I began to wonder if anything in the spiritual community was real at all or just a great placebo effect.


What has kept me on my path of light have been to live the prophecies of ancient and modern times.  Not everyone has this pleasure to know their greatness. Yet if everyone could truly see themselves, they would all realize they are the saviors of their own souls.  This is why so many get discouraged on their path, the closer they get to finding their true selves, the harder and darker it gets.  Making one feel as if they are consumed by the darkness, retreating from that which they wanted most.

This darkness is there to test you, challenge you, and let you know your worth, your truth.  See, we our ultimately our own judge and jury.  In the end we decide our own fate, based on our daily choices.  These choices become so important, that it almost destroys our ability to make decisions. However, through our faith in love, light, and the almighty creator, his heart of Christ, and Spirit of Truth we find our place in making a choice.  The highest choice of Love.  All which can be found in your own heart and soul.  Your spark of light which is a reflection of all that is.


Through this giving of love, we ultimately receive the love of the universe.  First we must clear out all guilt, all judgement, that way we may enjoy peace in Heaven.  This Heaven which is inside everyone waits for the righteous, brave, courageous souls a chance at redemption.  It is not always easy to make the decision of Love in every moment.  We may be tired, upset, not feeling balanced enough to socialize with the person, unknowingly going through the same stresses we are.  We claim empathy but only in absorbing the pain, not in sharing in the pain through interactions of communication and physical contact such as hugs.  We retreat rather than charge forward. (How many times have you wanted to speak to someone, but didn’t?)

No matter the fear you live behind, there is always a reason to continue down your path.  We had called it survival once, and blame it on our instincts.  Even though if we truly listened to our gut (gutse – Hopi for Spirit), we would know to keep walking, keep listening, keep believing in not just God or Christ or Allah, but to believe in ones own self.  Believe that you can operate at higher levels of consciousness.  Belief you can accomplish the impossible.  For you are the only one who can truly stop you.

Does the desire control the person, does it create the person; or does the person control the desire and create the desire?

You’ll soon realize all your manifestations are an inner reflection, something outside you to help you grow internally. Once we have cleared our own personal judgement and doubt within ourselves, can we remove it from the world around us.  This is why the path to light is fraught with darkness.  Most of it inner darkness that we have to face, to find our inner light.  In reality there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

It’s why God in the Bible says not to fear the judgement of others but only the judgement of God.  If we worried about this we wouldn’t need fancy houses, cars, and churches. Instead we would have built educational centers that are not based on ladders and stairs, but on diversity and equality.  Imagine schools without grades or levels.  Only classes based off subject matter that anyone could attend from the ages of 3 to 83 depending on the level of consciousness a person is ready to receive information. For we do not all learn at the same pace, or we would all be enlightened at the same time.  It’s not a competition but something we do together.

Remember the world around us is only a reflection of us.  We must cleanse our own darkness to find our light.  The world may seem daunting and impossible, but the true creator dwells inside of his/her own image, which you call a human.  Spectrals of light dancing through the symphony of life.  A blessing of love given in the compounds of vibrational energy.  You all are truly a gift of God, the Creator, Alpha and Omega.  May our Mothers never be forgotten.

We love you all, stay blessed.