As the title says a Connection to Spirit helps with detachment from addiction.

I was once at such a low vibration I was almost not even alive. I just wondered through life emotionless. There where gifts given to me on my path, that sometimes where not deemed socially acceptable. ( Cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, etc.)

As a person without awareness I didn’t know where addiction came from. It came from anything that would raise my vibrations. Anything that altered the state of consciousness which I was in.

Than there are those moments you’re in spirit and you vibrate at such a high level that nothing else comes close. Than you get disconnected and you revert back to your addictions, your support group of medicines that help you to get close to those vibrations again.

Than your consciousness finally expands and you realize being connected to Spirit feels better than anything this world has to offer. No romance, no drug, no alcohol, no food, no shopping, no extreme sport,  no distraction would ever come close to that personal relationship with Spirit.

Than you come to the hard fact that you have to let go and say good bye to your old support group. It’s a place of gratitude however. I would never say they where bad, they helped me when I needed them, but when you no longer need them they become your enemy if you let them.

The answer is in nature, in community, in each other, in our selves.  It’s in the Great Spirit that is in everything, especially water.  It’s why our water is sacred, it’s why we get cleansed in water, water cleanses us and the land.  Water, Nature, Spirit with that we can defeat addiction world wide, within our selves first.

So I am thankful for everything and everyone who has helped me on my path. I’m ready to let go, no matter how hard it gets. Spirit is all we need, may we all become reborn of spirit. Blessings brothers and sisters. ❤

The Crow Foundation
The Crow Foundation