Since my last Journal entry a lot has changed from my level of understanding and consciousness, to the movement of the Crow Foundation and Heal The Earth Project.  At the beginning of June we were invited to Protect Oak Flats Event.  This was something we researched into when we first got to Arizona, but we found no active warriors working on the project.

We soon found out during the first weekend of June that there are warriors holding down Oak Flats for over 10 years now.  This mine that they want to put in on this sacred mountain will not just destroy more of our beautiful Mother but will pollute and kill many Arizona residents.  This event brought together many souls in the Arizona area and some from afar who all have the same goal in heart.  To save the planet and all life on it.


We ran into some amazing souls who we will be working with in the future.  The hopes is to create a counsel that will oversee the projects being done here in Arizona and abroad.  Everything from protecting the sacred to building communities.  The future is here and the spirit is bringing us together to work together.

My work on the Hopi Reservation has come to a temporary halt as funding is gone.  In fact at this moment June 22nd I sit in my RV with a cup of coffee, a pan of Gold Potato Soup (my new recipe), a maxed out credit card, a 5k dollar vehicle loan, 10 dollars in my bank account, and my dog.  Due to our finances we are currently working in the RV or out by the river. Mostly working on our art and other projects that might bring an income.


This month was not an easy month for finances in another area.  The van we purchased has had a few problems that has cost me over 1500 dollars to fix.  Doing most the maintenance my self and with friends I have saved over 1000 dollars but the costs have really put me in a funny situation.  The situation which requires me to let go of the old stories and fears of not having, and trust in the Universe to provide me everything I need for this amazing journey.

On June 17th of this month I had my most amazing awakening thus far.  It was held at Oak Flats and was a spiritual vision quest.  I was at a place of unawareness and unassuredness. I needed answers so I sought out the Great Spirit.  In my vision the identity known as Matthew, my old illusionary self died.  It was the scariest feeling to let go of such a story, something that made my life feel real.



I still go by the name of Matthew but I do not feel like Matthew anymore.  No I feel as if I am everyone, everything, and all the space between.  In my vision I lost Matthew but I found God, I found my self, I found us.  For the words I, Me, and Self no longer hold any meaning of individualism.  No when I think of I, Me, or Self now I think of the entire collective, the entire great spirit of life.

This awakening has caused me to realize that the world is made of patterns and unless we can control our own patterns we will be lost forever.  This means creating new habits, these habits or daily routines form the patterns that will lead us into our future.  If we get caught in a pattern of potential d-evolution, negative thoughts, negative behavior, than this pattern will continue to repeat.  Like the wheel of life always repeating.



So we must make a conscious effort to change our behaviors to reflect what we wish to see in our future.  Create the patterns of love, compassion, patients, optimism, abundance, strength, courage, commitment, success.  Get out of the patterns of failure, unworthiness, loneliness, pain, heartache, loss, suffering, addiction, neediness.

We do have a huge project coming up for National Geographic, ‘Chasing Genius’.  Their project, if we win, will allow us to begin our project of creating a community that will become a living example of love and acceptance, of patience and hard work.  The future of our spirit is alive and well, and that’s how we know we will continue to make things happen.



As well on my list is a children’s book called, ‘The Adventures of Papa G and Lil V’. An Elephant and a Mouse who awaken together on their journey through life.  Another big project we are currently researching is creating a recycling plant here in Northern Arizona from where all our building materials will come from for when we build the communities.  I have no idea how any of this is going to happen, but that’s not for me to worry about.  Creation will provide the doors and opportunities, I only have to walk through them.

So stay tuned as we progress even further into the future.  Thank you, Namaste (I mean this with all my heart), and many blessings.

Your outer reflection,