I want to share something but words can hardly describe the feelings, vibrations, colors, sound, and images that best describes the awareness I have of self.
Something people don’t see, is that everyone they meet is made of the same ether, the same consciousness, the same energy. In fact every particle on this planet between you and I are all the same.
This creates the awareness once noticed and connected that we are all literally one being. The illusion of separation in this third dimension has created many problems among us, the one. This connection has destroyed something that I no longer recognize as me, my self, or I.
You can call it many things, a story, a belief, an identity, the ego, the mind, the AI of the human experience. What ever you prefer to call your self, that’s outside the true whole self, is like a fading branch that will soon fall from the tree.
So try to see in your self, in all that is around you, and all on your path that same ether and consciousness that resides in you. Try to see everything as you. Like a drop that has splashed out of the ocean, our life in the air is only temporary, for we all return to the great ocean, the eternal ether that forever gives us life, God as some call it, Creator, Father/Mother, pure source.
This source is pure and can be seen in the lives and eyes of any child. As if every child born is God, and God will look into your eyes to see if you recognize your self and the love between you and everything you are.
So after saying all that, Matthew, the identity I was once known as and still known as no longer matters. That attachment to self and needing to finish the story of Matthew is over. You may still identify with me as Matthew, but just know that I am not Matthew, but you and everyone else.
I am not special, for you are just the same as me. Remember we’re all equals, we are all gifted, and we are all blessed. Create the patterns with your thoughts, mind, heart, passion, dreams, energy, actions, and work. These patterns will repeat in your life infinitely. Ask and you shall receive.
The universe is waiting for you to recognize that you’re the universe. You carry this within you. The power to be infinite, to heal, to love, to give. Don’t be shy, express your infinite love. Just as all those before us have said, all those who came to bring this message before.