Battling Dark Spirits? This can help.

Ever feel like nothings goes right?  Have you ever wondered if you’re just Gods big joke?  Did you think creation forgot about you?  Were you dealt a shitty hand?  Than this is great news!  Yeah the fact that you are being viciously pursued and targeted by dark spirits is a sign!

OK, how is this good news?  Because it means there is something great within you that they are afraid you’ll find.  If they can keep you in fear than they can control you.  From thoughts to accidents, from government to friends and family the darkness can be overwhelming.  You wonder if you can ever break free from this darkness.  You wonder if suicide might be the only answer.

Let me tell you the power that is hidden deep within your heart, your love.  God our Creator, the Universe, the Eternal Father Energy, the Alpha and Omega have given you every sign to show you how the world works, how you work.  Watch how a flower grows.

It grows by falling from the sky to the ground and getting covered in dirt (decomposed compost).  This seed than has to wait for the spirit of the creator to rain down, and at this point it must find its way back to the Father.  When it breaks from the darkness the first thing the flower sees is the sky.  From here it knows its place and it grows and grows reaching for the father.

Than the flower gives up reaching for the Father and becomes the Father.  It blooms and begins creating life just as the Father has done for us.  You are a flower, follow your root, return to source.  Find your self in everything around you and within you.  The world is a reflection of us.  We reflect our hearts into the world.

So never forget your power, the power the creator blessed each and every life with.  The power to love, the power to create, the power to be light.  This evil spirits fear you, they will try to stop you, but never give up.  Face your fears for on the other side is a blue bird singing over a rainbow.

The power of the light within all of us is enough to chase away darkness, heal our sickness, and bring peace on earth.  We just have to remember it’s within us.  Awaken to the beautiful soul within you.  For there isn’t one heart not connected to God.  The evil spirits will show up when you are closest to this truth.  Break through their darkness, don’t give into their false promises.  Don’t let them lure you in with materialist needs or wants.

Stand strong in your faith, in your self, and in your creator.  For the True White Brother as the Hopi call Christ will return on a day of Judgement.  On that day he will separate the weeds from the wheat.  Our shining light, our love will be a beacon for our Father/Mother to find us.  We are not forgotten, we are not on the bad end of a joke, we are not unloved.  We are perfectly loved and perfectly created.  Stay blessed my friends, my eternal soul family.

Life is but a dream. So row gently and merrily. Be blessed, be love.

In the name of everything holy and sacred, amen.

The world needs your light.  Find out how you can help at Heal The Earth Project Dot Org.