Giving our power and energy away.

By Matthew Stark

In today’s fast paced modern society everyone is looking for the quickest, cheapest answer. Even at the cost of giving our power and energy away.  When it can’t be found they pay high dollar for knowledge and information.  Often times not even realizing they are being manipulated, and played like a piano with their own emotions.  Society is sick and desperate, and there are many wolves waiting to feed on the prey.  Wolves in lamb clothing, pretending love, but not actually showing love.

It is seen in every facet of life from government, religion, and today’s new age spiritual movement.  I understand the difference between being a life coach and a mentor, to someone who has found a way to make a quick buck preaching to the choir.  Offering awakening sessions, as if someone can awaken you for you, as if you never had it in you in the first place. Telling you that whatever you believe you can manifest.

When someone is claiming to have found the only way out, be cautious. Be warned that there isn’t one way per-say.  Every path a petal on a flower.  Every path unique and yet very similar to the next one.  A flower would just be a stem if there was only one path to take in life.  We are but seeds planted in Gods field.  The challenges we face in our lives are like the harsh winds, extreme temperatures, and rodents that make the plant stronger, the roots deeper, and its balance more sturdy.

We are each born with a special gift, a beautiful expression of our creator, if our creator is infinite, than so are his many expressions.  Or Her for he is alpha and omega. Our creator is expressed through the billions of life forms, stars, and matter surrounding us.  All a basic level of energy, energy that can be manipulated or better yet teamed up with to manifest a beautiful world. There is not one religion, one government, one nation, one person who has all the answers.

This is where we say, “stop giving your energy and power away.”  Stop investing in leaders who forgot how to lead by example.  Pretty talk is cheap, but our actions will speak for generations.  Words are lost like sand in the wind, but our actions are the carvings in the stone.  We are the spirit of our creator, the water imbued with such power it can take the shape of anything, it can flow or crash (Bruce Lee), it can change the shape of the earth, provide life or take it.  We are made of all elements and yet we behave as if we have no power.

I understand if you’re lost or just beginning to find your self, but you shouldn’t have to pay for it.  Stop seeking out those who want to charge you for help.  Look for those who come to you after you pray.  Pray, ask, and receive. All truth will be revealed, the kingdom of Heaven is within you, your medicine is unique and yours to share with the world.

So as Bob Marley says, “Don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is gonna be alright.”  Trust that our creator has a plan, that we have a purpose, and nothing can get in the way of our destiny.  We are souls having a human experience.  As the Buddha teaches, human suffering comes from attachment.  Attachment and lack of necessities. Humans need food, water, shelter, and love.  From their we are the creators of our world, our reality as the new-agers say.

Don’t forget that you can always tell a tree by its fruit.  Is the person speaking of love actually being love?  What gives a person authority over you or your path?  Is their love really so expensive?  Love as our Father teaches is to be given freely, for as he gives freely to us, we give freely to others. What we do for the least of us, we do for our Creator. Plus I’m sure with out a doubt it was Jesus that said, “My only commandment to you is to love each other as I have loved you.”

Did Jesus charge people for healing? For the removal of demons?  For the blind to see again?  You get the point, Gandhi didn’t charge for his service, neither should you.  So if you are charging people to help them along their spiritual path, maybe it’s time to get back on your spiritual path.

If you feel you need therapy, counseling, or mentor-ship, ask around, call around and see if you can find a group or sponsored program in your area.  Check with friends and family for trusted counselors who can help with past trauma, anger issues, addiction, guilt, and regret.  You can learn to let go.  Plus I’m always here for free if you need to talk, just shoot me an email.

Another thing to remember is that you should also not look to others for approval, happiness, or love.  Learn to approve, be happy, and love your self.  Don’t give all your power away to a boss, partner, lover, friend, or family.  Many people feed on energy and will make you feel small to lift them selves up.  You must stay strong in your self and your inner chi (energy).  You are a legend.

So continue on your path with faith and courage that you already have all you need within you.  There is nothing this world can offer you, that you cannot do for your self, from the infinite power of Father, the Creator of All, our God, his/her love that comes from within our hearts, may you be eternally blessed.  Plant your spiritual roots deep and grow from there.

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