Dear friend,

Truth is in the heart, but I was once told the heart can be deceived. I don’t know if that statement is true, but if I can’t trust my own heart than who can I trust?  So I go where I feel guided.  You don’t have to worry or fear the judgement of others.  This is why the Bible says we should only fear God.  Think about a church full of pupils and all the pupils are afraid of the other pupils, so they don’t stand up and celebrate the Lord.  They don’t get up and speak because they are afraid of being judged by each other.  Yet if they only feared God they would all stand up celebrate, praise, and speak their truth.  Most people don’t speak their truth, out of fear.

We each have a different truth, it’s because of our individual unique perspectives.  I can’t imagine God would create a planet of war and division.  This is something the “darkness” brought in. It’s easy to see the Roman law and belief in the Bible. “Be good slaves, pay your taxes, don’t disobey the Government.”  We know what is right and wrong in our hearts.  We feel it after we commit a sin. We can’t live with guilt though.  We must learn and practice the art of forgiveness and compassion.  When we can put our selves in the shoes of others and walk their paths, then we can help them.  We have to feel for them first.

I think you’re doing great and are willing to make a difference.  Some days I feel crazy on this path, as if I am just an insane man living in his own reality.  Even if that’s true, I can’t deny my self.  I must be insane and follow my truth. Regardless of what others think.  Being honest to other people is very important but being honest with our selves is key.  Be confident in your medicine because you will not find approval and verification from others.  Your medicine only you and God know.  So you need to build your relationship with God and listen to the Creators advice, follow the Great Spirit of our creator, or his many prophets, and son.  I had to learn this on my own.

I am a white man living in red country.  I sought the red approval of my white magic to verify that it’s true magic.  Yet what I learned from the Reds is that we all have medicine and it comes to us from the Creator.  They taught me to trust in my self and my medicine.  When a song comes to my heart, I sing it.  Even if I say the words wrong.  Our souls are one, but we are born divided to teach us how to unite and love those who appear different. We must learn to love the heart of all others.

Hope you have a blessed and beautiful day.  Find your medicine and use it.