Christians are not the enemy.

I would like it on record, that although I preach a good game and talk a good talk. I struggle just like everyone of you. Following the narrow path of Jesus doesn’t mean I think I am better than anyone. Christians are not the enemy. We’re here to help as best we know how.
If anything, I sometimes in secret with I was one of you. Had your problems instead of mine. I feel like my sins are some of the biggest hurdles a man can face. Yet every day I see non-believers and believers alike doing amazing things and being amazing people.
Don’t be so hard on those who speak of Jesus, we just want you to know you’re loved. We want you to know you are gifted and blessed. We don’t need you to become followers right now, we’re just planting seeds. It’s up to you to water it.
So stop hating the Christian train and understand why a loud mouthed, tattooed biker Juggalo who wanted to rob banks for a living became a devout follower and disciple of Christ, Jesus of Nazareth is not just a hero to us. He is our King, our Prince of Peace, a source of light worthy of being followed. He hung out with sinners just like me when he was on this earth, just like you. 
Many of us even understand there is some bogus roman cultic religion mixed into the bible. There are 14000 errors roughly, we are not ignorant.  We also trust God to keep sacred his word for us.  Hidden as it may seem. We are just faithful and try to be loving. Like you say, “out my way why I balance these chakras.” Well I say give me peace while I find it within.
No, Christians are not perfect and even hypocritical sometimes. It’s because we’re not much different than you, we are you. We just have somewhere in our life felt the hand of God touch us or seen the angels save us from some horrible death. However our faith was found, it was each a unique and individual experience that shaped our perspective.
We encourage you to try and give it a chance. Ask Jesus into your life, if you don’t like it you can always go back to your old ways. After bouncing back and forth as many times as I have, I can say this; the bible says if you clean your house and let the demons back in, they come with friends. Making it even harder for you the next go around.
We sometimes don’t even realize we are being oppressed by malevolent forces. It’s true but most people just brush it off as ego. They think it’s who they actually are, but who they actually are is a reflection of God, Love, Purity. Jesus is that human representation of God, the perfect human who lived the perfect life. Proving it can be done, it’s within the human grasp to be amazing.
I study the Bible to see how in such a dark world people still found love and happiness. I studied to understand my self and where humans come from. The story is the same, the land is the same, but the technology has changed, the year has changed. You can read the Old Testament and feel like you’re reading a News article written today.
Humanity is not inherently violent, our entire culture is based on love and fun. Now used as demonic distractions to keep you from living a righteous life. Nobody said you couldn’t have fun, but we all know there are limits to everything. Over consumption is destruction. We didn’t come here to destroy ourselves. People use to celebrate for a whole month back in the day eating and drinking and being merry all in the word of God.  Today you’re lucky to get a week off for yourself.  I think serving God has way more benefits than serving the devil.  You barely get maternity leave. 
Humans are better than this, and whatever the reason, us Christians just see the best in everybody. We know you can be better people and so we try to preach of love, and the greatest example of love for us is Jesus. So as Jesus said, “My only commandment to you, is for you to love each other as I have loved you.” He said this to a room full of men and women right after washing all their feet.
Showing that no God or man is above anyone, that we’re all equals. That we’re all servants to each other. You prayed for help, well we’re all born to help each other. We’re Gods blessings for ourselves. God gave us everything we needed. It’s only greed and fear that have taken our Edin.
We have the knowledge now, we know right from wrong. Now it’s about having the courage to do what’s right no matter the consequences. So you can hate us, or you can love us, but us Christians are not leaving. We’re here to stay and continue practicing what we preach and preaching what we practice. The way our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ did before us. Can Jesus get an AMEN?!
To the Christians who are reading this.  It’s time for many of you to also wake up and realize Jesus wasn’t just talking for fun.  His wisdom should teach us Christians one thing.  What we do is not important if it’s not done with love.  That we’re here as servants to share love and compassion for every individual human we encounter.  To not be strangers but to be care givers, to be healers, to expel demons, and share in the praise that the kingdom of Heaven has come for mankind.  That Jesus has kicked in the door to hell and has come to bring back love and hope, peace and tranquility.
Keep fighting the good fight, stay strong, and remember God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit has already faced everything.  We’re prepared for what’s to come.  God speed, and many blessings.