I want to be normal too.

I want to be normal too. When I am in-between jobs for God I tend to spend a lot of time watching my friends, family, and society live their lives. I sort of sit on the sides and just observe.
It isn’t that I don’t want to have a normal life like everyone else. God knows I Do. I just can’t, call it knowing too much. Call it what you will. I just can’t go along pretending anymore. 
Our society is too destructive and not very conscious of their actions. They are not as ignorant as they play on to be. They have either given up, or find their priorities above the collectives. I’ve heard it all before, but it always comes down to taking care of family and self.  To do this we need money in our society.  The cost of living sky rockets while pay dwindles, and taxes soar. 
Maybe this all has to play out either way. Maybe we won’t even see it in our lifetime. Yet the destruction of mankind is inevitable unless we change our ways. Our path to destruction is very wide, and the road to salvation very narrow. We can wait for the coming of Christ, the apocalypse. I don’t however feel that we should be waiting.  It’s our actions we will be judged for.
normal lifeI ponder all the answers and wonder which path is the best to take.  You can study every religion and see it clearly.  To stop following your physical desires and start pursuing spiritual desires. The goal to eternal happiness can be created here on earth.  It’s found here everywhere.
As a man who has traveled the world I have found peace and happiness outside my self. I have found it in communities, with families, and even in solitude in the most beautiful mountains.  Love and heaven are already here on earth.  I still yet ponder again though…
Is starting a community the answer?  Creating the change we wish to see.  Will this allow others a chance to get away from the devil’s game.  To step away from Monopoly and Life and actually take care of their families and selves without sacrificing our souls, our time, our very lives.  Will this stop big companies from using the military and police against us?
Hiding in nature could allow those in power to continue their destruction anyways. So we can sit around praying for God to do something. Or we ourselves can unite and stop them. I don’t know the right answer, I just know we have to do something. Anything, besides nothing. Anything besides continuing down the same path.
Change who we are one moment at a time. Today get your coffee in a mason jar. Tomorrow start recycling. The next day you can alter your diet just one item at a time. Focusing our intention on just being better humans, better to each other, better to ourselves. Turning our vehicles into hybrids.
I my self have invested what little money I have and a lot of my time into building future technologies.  I live off of 1300 a month and still manage to take care of family, build HHO Generators, and serve at Standing Rock.  It doesn’t take much if we have the time.  Time is money and if we unite and come together, we need less of it.  Learning to minimalize our lives. To reduce our desires and attachments. This is the path Buddha and Jesus have both spoke of.
So yes I would love to live a normal happy life, but to do so requires the ending of the destruction of this planet. To finally win the war of good versus evil.  To stop Satan and his minions any way possible.  If you don’t believe in the Devil or God.  Fine, to stop Governments and Corporations from destroying us, our families, and our planet.
So either way we have a pickle on our hands.  I just can’t go back.  Not without a fight, spiritual as it may be.  It’s still a fight. God doesn’t want normal, God wants extraordinary humans to do extraordinary actions of kindness. He wants us to prove we can love each other as one.  It’s ok if society hates us for our love, it’s all we have come here to do.