A Dogs Purpose is a movie that answers the question we all ask, “What is the meaning of life?”.  I wrote this movie review to give this movie another chance.  This was a movie with a message for every soul on this planet.  That’s why it’s not surprising the movies reputation was tarnished just before release.  You could see it as we sat in the empty theatre on opening night.  From beginning to end I pondered the life of Hercules, the male dog actor who was seen in the video posted all over the internet.

I must say after watching poor hercules in the viral video showing him being forced into dangerous waters against his own will. It was so disheartening that I decided to see another movie instead on my Birthday.  However come the day of my birthday I decided to see it for my self and to not let social media guide my every choice.  I’ve always been a rebel at heart and prefer to do what I am told not to do.

A Dogs Purpose Hercules

I can say this after watching one of the most amazing movies I have ever watched, “If PETA cared about the lives of animals, they would want the world to see this movie.”  You almost need to watch the movie a second time just to get all the hidden messages about love, life, and karma.  We are talking about a movie that depicts the many lives of one consciousness, one soul as he travels from one birth to another, one death to another.

“If PETA cared about the lives of animals, they would want the world to see this movie.”

This movie made me laugh from beginning to end, it brought tears of joy and sorrow, this movie can make you appreciate the small friends in all our lives.  This movie does more than that even, it allows you to review your own life or possible lives.  Just what we do with these precious moments and how we bring meaning to our lives through the service of others.

It was as if I watched the awakening of Buddha, the birth of Christ, the enlightening of man in one movie. One movie not about one dog, but one soul.  One soul who changes the lives of not just one man, but many lives.  A soul who served with all his heart and love, and enjoyed the desires of the world without greed or lust.

Corgi A Dogs Purpose

I highly recommend this movie to any lover of movies, classic family films, films with meaning, and just love dogs.  I miss the days when movies were wholesome and sweet.  There was a little hollywood action,  Hercules scene.  However the whole movie played out perfectly from beginning to end. Not for cat lovers though, glad we’re not born cats. SPOILER ALERT, that was a joke from the movie. END OF SPOILER ALERT.

So Go Out and follow the life of this amazing soul, these amazing dogs, and the amazing story that teaches everyone of the meaning of life, our soul’s purpose, for we are here to love each other.  “My only commandment to you is to love each other as I have loved you.” – Jesus Christ.