Pain is an experience we use in our survivability.  Desire protects us from pain. So we must learn to attribute our life and who we are with all our experiences. Learning about who we are is called spirituality, the path to enlightenment.  Some mistake this for being some sort of luciferian God. I am here to add my perspective to hopefully shine some light on many unknowns.

I use to preach law of attraction to get what you want. Nice cars, money, houses, relationships, food. Imagine vision boards, communicating to spirits, rituals, ceremonies, prayers, meditations.  There are so many tools to get what we want, yet what is the true source of our power?

I was wrong to a point. Now I say, trust God our Christ to provide all you need. You wouldn’t be the person you need to be if you always got everything you wanted. You would be a spoiled brat. You would be someone who didn’t appreciate life and the beautiful balance it takes to maintain such a life.

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Learn to be grateful for what you have and remember that sometimes the hard painful lessons are what we needed. Don’t hide from pain through fulfilling desire. Learn to experience pain the same as you experience everything else in life. Just another lesson and experience.

We don’t have to run from pain, it’s unavoidable in life.  Sorrow follows attachment and expectation.  However if we can expect pain in our lives, then we can better prepare our bodies and mind for it.  Our soul is ready to handle everything the earth has to offer, yet we are not mentally prepared at birth.

We live in a society that weakens us and teaches fear from an early age.  We learn dependency from our authority.  Instead of learning about independence through our connection to our creator, God, Jesus Christ.  Everything about our upbringing in this society is about hiding from life and indulging in desires.

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As if our spirituality has turned us into slaves.  Which is not the same as being in service, just as serving each other is different than servitude. If I care for your needs, you care for mine, than we both always have what we need.  That is the true power of love.  That’s what we’re here to experience.

However pain, it will be there to remind us of the happiness. When we feel pain we are doing something wrong.  We are not loving or living correctly, or we just banged our knee on the coffee table. However when we are in the flow of creation and life we don’t bang our knees, we don’t run our heads into walls, and we don’t get attached to outcome, we appreciate all experiences.

Just as you cannot have skinny without fat; sweet without sour, light without darkness.  You cannot have life without pain.  You can learn to live without sorrow.  Sorrow is best understood from the Buddhist perspective. Yes I preach of Christ but I am not ignorant to the truth in all religions, nor the lies in my own. I am aware of love and light in all that is around us, for everything is God. Living with out sorry is the same as living without expectation and attachment to outcomes.  We know death is coming for us all, so we don’t need to be afraid of it or sad when it comes.  Embrace it, love it, and learn why life and death are of the same thread.

Everything we experience, everything we love, everything we see, touch, taste, hear, and know; we know as God.  We don’t know we know God, but we know God better than we know ourselves. So don’t be so hard on yourselves.  You have everything you need within you. Everything you would ever need to get through any pain or desire.

To live a life for Christ is to live a life of love.  To live a life of love is to live a life worth living.  Keep on dusting yourselves off.  There is nothing to fear but fear itself.  Please continue to follow the Crow Foundation as we discover more hidden truths.  Always discussing the topics of heart, mind, body, and spirit.  We’re the medicine as we awaken to our truth and the truth of Christ.