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From Standing Rock to Love

I must apologize for my long term absence.  I have been traveling a long distance across our great nation.  I left Wisconsin back in January to march with the Veterans at Standing Rock on January 4th.  From there I headed to Colorado for the holidays and had a nice stay with family.  After that I ended up in Alamosa where I found the future site of the Crow Foundations Permaculture Sanctuary.  I am currently in Wisconsin studying and healing with a soul I found on my path.

When I left for Standing Rock in January I thought I had everything I could possibly need to survive the winter in Standing Rock.  As I arrived in Standing Rock I found my self with many other shamans, medicine men, and healers at the Rosebud Campsite.  I spent 4 days caretaking, praying, and wandering the camp.  The camp was much larger than I could have imagined.

Rosebud Camp.jpg
Rosebud Campsite

It felt like a carnival but a spiritual carnival.  There were tourists of course, but there were also warriors, prayers, healers, holy men and women, media, journalists, observers, and many many veterans. The energy in the air was one of optimism and fear.  A mixture of love and racial tension.  A mixture of calmness and anticipation. The air was thick with smoke from all the camp fires.  On low  barometric days the smoke would choke out the fresh air in the camp.

Mostly it was a moment of survival, as many were not prepared for the harsh  blizzard about to hit.  So many showed up with the intent of helping out but instead needed help.  In my own camper alone I had rescued 4 stragglers who planned on sleeping in their cars.  One of the women stopped drinking and eating to avoid the bathroom and became deathly ill.  We revived her through rest, warmth, and lots of fluids.  This was typical beahvior at Standing Rock as many elders and unprepared visitors got a taste of North Dakota winters.

Oceti Camp.jpg
Oceti Campsite from Facebook Hill

After the day of the very uneventful veterans march we were all asked to leave by Archibald. I say uneventful because instead of having the veterans march the bridge and do what they do every day, pray and pester the police, they pulled up a wire and would not allow us to march any further than the road.  We stood in the blizzard while some retired general barked orders and marched his troops around the snow accomplishing nothing in action but lots in prayer and energy.

My angels and guides have spoken to me of this event as not one for great action but one of great unity.  There was a fire lit within the consciousness at the sacred fire in Oceti.  The fire now spreads as we move our spiritual energy through this illusion.  We have brought together ancestors from all over the world, ways of being, we have united the consciousness at Standing Rock by bringing every indigenous way back to our native lands. Now we must keep the fire alive in our hearts.

yurt school.jpg
Yurt School for Kids being built

I cried as I left for I dreamt of this moment for many years.  It was heartbreaking to leave and then find out the fight is still going on.  They ask, “were are the veterans now?”, and we reply, “we came and were not used. Why come again?”  Well  I can tell you in my heart of hearts I want to come back to Standing Rock, I want to be apart of this great moment, however I am not here to fight, but pray and love.  I study non-violence in hopes of finding a way out, but in reality the only way out is through soul.  Each person battling their own inner devil and  becoming one with love and light.

I believe to truly stop the pipeline we must change our way of life.  We must learn to live in balance with nature, just as in the old ways. We must learn permaculture, meditation, and unity.  Compassion is our driving force, but Gods will, love, light that is what keeps us striving forward. Moving us in our dreams with whispers and images of what our future could be. That is why you will see more and more people creating communities, villages, ashrams, and other communal ways of living with each other and nature in balance.

sacred fire celebration.jpg
Sacred Fire Celebration when the pipeline was halted temporarily.

So where is the future of the Crow Foundation after all these revelations and events?  We plan to spend this summer studying meditation, permaculture, yoga, and any other form of healing my personal consciousness and the collective consciousness.  Right now I am working on melting the ego to follow Gods will and not my own, learning to let go of attachment to people, places, and things, as well as working on Anger Management.

So with the use of wifi I plan to continue to bring back love and light, healing and sharing with everyone.  So please continue to follow my story and I promise to continue to update as much as possible.  Right now I am in Wisconsin and have tons of healing stories to share. So please stick with me and if not, stay love, have fun, and remember to laugh more.  All is and will be well.