So I have to say before I started this journey 5 or 6 years ago, I had no idea what I was getting into. I had a gun to my head and I was done with the life I had lived. Instead of pulling the trigger I became a new man. Someone I could respect, not someone everyone else wanted in their lives.
This moment defined my future for before I left I asked God what he wanted me to do. He gave me a vision of Standing Rock, a very metaphorical vision but one that has guided me off and on over the last 5 years.
This moment coming up defines everything that I am and that I live for. This moment I live with the great spirit. As I get ready to set off on my journey I have to thank one man specifically, but there are many great souls I should thank.
First off none of what I have right now would be possible with out my Uncle Daniel. I was headed west from the east coast not knowing I was to fulfill some prophecy. No knowing what I was doing exactly, just that I must head west. I had my walking stick, I even thought about a bike, but I was ready to walk with my dog niko in a Red Wagon.
Instead my Uncle Daniel Rosen and God gave me another option. They more or less knew what it would take to survive Standing Rock for I had no idea that was where I was headed. I had the Hopi and Navajo nation in mind, I had the heart of a migratorial bird. Warmer nations but not without their own problems. I am afterall a servant of God and all his creations. I have only one purpose, to love all in my path and to care for all I can.
Yet I didn’t have to walk far or for long because my uncle needed me and little did I know I needed him.  As he healed from the surgery and I reestablished an old connection with a young uncle.  For we are only 4 years apart in age and have grown up as brothers but spent over a decade apart.  Through helping and supporting his family, he helped me create my dream.
We are not done, but we are creating a hydrogen powered, solar powered RV.  Self sufficient no need to ever pay taxes kind of thing. It isn’t the final cure but it’ll help me on my path to finding the cures for all that ails the human collective.  For if their is a sickness, nature as balanced as she is always finds a cure.
So thank you Daniel for the RV, the wood stove, the HHO Generator, and the family.  For it was amazing to let walls down and let little Sophalopes in.  She will be greatly missed.  Thanks to all those who have believed in me. Thanks to my parents Martin and Debby Harris for always trusting me and telling me I’m always honest, it made me want to be more honest.
Most of all I want to thank our ancestors and our angels for always being there for us.  Even at our most embarassing moments, and our most painful moments.  You deserve this joy and happiness as much as anyone else for you worked the hardest for it.
Thank you Wakan Tanka, Christ, Yahshua, God, Mother and Father God, Ganesh, and all the rest.  For you are the best, and may you and all your creations continue to be blessed.
Amen and Rock On Standing Rock!
I am now ready to stretch my wings. To see my destiny.  To discover my fate. My the stars align and all be as it is in Heaven.