The moment of truth is finally upon me.  I have waited for this moment for 6 years.  It all started with a dream, a vision of what God wanted me to do in this life.  It may not seem like much to some but to me traveling to Standing Rock is my destiny, maybe just the beginning but one I am grateful to be a part of.

We see the world awakening to a bitter truth, but also a magical beautiful truth.  We first see the ugliness and then we find our beauty.  Being a shaman is about turning darkness into beauty.  This is done through the transference of energy.  We alter the vibrational state of dark matter turning it into tangible light energy that can be used to create anything.

I have spent many months preparing mentally and physically for this journey.  Mostly making sure that I was completely self sufficient, minus what creation provides. So I ask for all of you to not just stand with the Crow Foundation as we continue to look and work towards ways of transmuting the darkness of our world, but to stand with all those at Standing Rock.

This humble home, this community that is being created isn’t just about protesting the pipeline.  This is about humanity uniting and learning to live in balance with nature.  We are being guided by our ancestors to the old ways.  It’s time to let go of “civilization”, “society”, and our “modern culture”.  It’s time to live a life of spirit and love.

Thank you for being with me and following me.  It has not been an easy path to get here but I know without your support I may not have come so far in my life and on my soul mission. Everything in preparation for the great awakening, the apocalypse, the ending of our old and the beginning of the new.

I have not updated in awhile or posted because I have been busy working behind the scenes to prepare for this journey. I have completed the wood stove installation and will be getting solar panels and winter gear very shortly.  If you would like to help pay for the winter gear or solar panels I do have a donation page.  Otherwise feel free to donate directly to Standing Rock.

I look forward to serving on the frontlines with my brothers and sisters.  This world needs our love and our strength because they are not yet ready to awaken and help in the transition.  They are scared and frightened of losing all they have worked so hard for, forgetting so easily that everything must return to dust and that only the conscious soul lives on in eternity.

So for the evolution of humanity, creation, and our Universe may we find a way to be the light and create beauty from the darkness we call our canvass.  May Wakan Tanka bless your path and guide you to your destiny.  Live long and prosper my friends.  You will be with me in heart as we confront our corrupt government as they try to evict those protectors at Standing Rock.

We will have no fear of death or harm.  We will walk forward in our faith and trust in our Creator that no matter what happens to us, everything will be just fine for the rest of humanity.  We gladly sacrifice our lives for the greater good of all life and all light.  For this illusion is a temporary one and eternity is a long time to live with regret.  So march on family, march on veterans, may we stand together in love and unity.