To gain your soul and creativity can be hard in a mind numbing society. This article discusses how people have started feeding their minds and altering their reality.  Going further back into the history of mankind and earlier forms of growth and evolution versus modern times. As one for arguing, both sides will be discussed. As well as some possible theories on how this technology could be used.

Look around the world.  What do you see?  You see people feeding their minds.  Technology has become a resource to consume information, entertainment, and mind altering programs. We once fed our minds through creativity, experiments, exploration, and social interaction.  This creativity allowed us to evolve to the level of consciousness we are awakening to now.

Technology, government schooling, social media, television programming, commercialization, consumerism are all products of capitalism.  On the price side there is lots of money in the world, on the dark side there is lots of debt in the world.  Yes you’re enslaved to debt but look on the bright side it’s imaginary and you can just walk away.  No the guards they hire are not imaginary sadly but hey they can’t arrest us all.  So there is always a bright side to every dark story.  You just have to remember to focus your thoughts on the possible outcomes that you most want.


Technology is not evil, just as nothing created is either bad or good.  It is the intention and purpose of use that can create a darker world or a brighter world.  Our actions define us not just as a society but as a people. We live in a world most of us cannot even stomach to look at anymore. Our children have been stolen from us, we have become mindless slaves, and our society is ran by very dark men.

“Do Not Fear, Just Believe.” –  Jesus Christ aka Yeheshua  (also spelled many other ways)

Don’t forget the bright side to all this negative down play here.  Let me remind you of the power of your creativity and soul! If the Bible can teach us anything lets learn from the most spiritual open minded standpoint of truth is hidden in everything.  All cultures have belief systems that seem to come with magical powers.  This is called believing.  Many times Jesus said over and over, “I healed you because you believed I could heal you”.  It is the power of belief. It’s not even a secret. Plainly written. Just as our only commandment is to love each other.


Does that take credit away from Jesus?  NO, not at all it only merely states that he was teaching a somewhat less educated public.  Our public has no excuse, just about everyone can read.  Jesus was a living example of how to love thy neighbor and the power of nonviolence.  Even Gandhi was an example of nonviolence and ended a war in 5 days without a single weapon.

So what does this teach us?  We have the power to create our world.  If we believe strong enough, are passionate enough about following through with our wish, creation will grant us another chance. Problem is there is one minor set back. Just a minor one and I’ll explain in a second.


Ok we must really look within ourselves and find the power to detach from the illusionary slave system.  Some call it corporations, some devils, some cabals.  The point is we don’t have to feed it our time or energy.  We just go within, detach from all worldly possessions and create a new world. Even better we have the technology to make the transition an easy ride for everyone.

“You cannot serve both God and Gold.” – Bible

The other big kicker, we have to actually love and help one another.  That’s all it’ll take to turn this world around.  So turn that frown upside down and look for a brighter tomorrow by creating a better today.  You’re loved, guided, guarded, and protected at all times.  You have the power of belief.  If you want to thank the man that brought us the gift I would start with our Fathers son and savior Jesus Christ.  Through him anything is possible and where any two gather in his name their request shall be granted, for Yeheshua will be there with you.

Stay strong, stay love, stay bright. Until next time…

For my love.

The other theories continued…