The Cost of Social Media and Globalizing Capitalism.   There are many evident theories that can be easily seen through watching one hour of daily television, news papers, and work manners. Even in our very own workplaces we are not allowed to discuss the two most sacred things in our lives religion and politics.  Both imaginary players in a very real game.

This technology has polluted the masculine mind with objectivity of the feminine body. From an early age on boys are taught to portray women in a physical manner instead of a spiritual manner.  Causing many of them to grow into disrespectful men of our society to put it nicely.  I try not to speak of negativity but we have recent evidence with Trumps statement towards women.  The vulgarity of our nation is toxic to a healthy world which is required for healthy children.  Our future flowers and offspring.

I believe in, to each their own; however when your own is harming another, then we have broken past the boundaries of what keeps us human.  We are not violent people, you say each war is an example of how violent humans are.  I say each veteran is an example of the toll violence takes on our children.  Most veterans are not like myself, happy and full of life. Grateful for my experiences. Nor was I always happy and full of life.  Christ saved me if you must know. (funny story I’ll tell later)

Many men have killed other men and this leaves a stain on a man’s soul.  Violence ruins a man’s ability to feel emotions like a non broken soul and they break down and crumble.  Our VA system is a prime example of what war does to our veterans.  If we were a violent race then veterans of war would not need so much hospitalization, medications, and counseling. War is not pretty and anyone who has seen it knows this.

Our media portrays our soldiers as heroes of freedom in a nation of dieing freedoms.  The hypocrisy is obvious and hidden in plain site. We are mocked to our very own faces of the truth in our illusionary society.  You may say it is real but nothing you see can stand the test of time.  We can no longer let technology invade our souls and steal our creativity. We must stand up be love, be creative, and above all practice nonviolence as we awaken to the truth of our gifts.

Just as we can be programmed from daily television, we can begin the process of reprogramming ourselves.  It is the simple process of interrupting the process while it is running and replace it with another program ready to be put into place.  Instead of throwing a tantrum next time you’re angry, interrupt, cancel clear, and begin meditation.  Starting with breathing exercises.

“All you have to do is breathe.” – Matthew

Everything takes practice, even the mind.  Our thoughts can be controlled by us or by technology.  The need to continually be distracted so as not to be board.  Instead of creating with our minds and hearts.  Instead of being humans of substance we are humans of substance abuse.  We no longer need distractions in our lives to be happy.  We can just be.

“to be or not to be” – Shakespeare

Don’t be a slave, be free.  Be whatever you want to be, but don’t be unkind. Be generous, don’t be selfish. Be loving, don’t be hateful.  The question can be played but always ask if you would rather be the good guy or the bad?

There are greater rewards in the next life than you could ever imagine in this life.  Don’t give up on the dreams of a world in which our children can grow to all be beautiful, talented, creative, and explorative.  May our children never lose their dreams.  May we see that world somewhere over the rainbow, where the blue birds fly. Capitalism is not the enemy, just the creation of a very sad and fearful part of our collective consciousness.  We don’t have to hate it, just walk away from it.

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