October 15th is a day of prayer, fasting, and silence. This day brought to us by God, these lives of blessings should be remembered.  Prayer is important for connecting to God and silencing the mind. Fasting is to detox the body and become more connected to God through sacrifice.  The silence is so we learn the power and blessing of words.

We are being called to let go of that which no longer serves us. So let October 15th be the beginning of a new you. Give up one bad habit or trait that is no longer serving your highest purpose.  Give it up when you wake up and spend the day in prayer.  In prayer pray for the world to be healed, for you to be healed, and for God to work in your life.  Let your will become Gods will.

We need to detox our bodies from these substances and thoughts we have polluted our bodies with.  Fasting is a sign to God that you’re wanting his love and guidance and that you trust in him.  This cleansing should be done with plenty of water, tea, and if you need juice.  Keep it to a liquid diet, one day of food won’t kill you.


Through silence we remember the importance of our words.  Our words can create and uplift or destroy and bring down.  Let us never speak badly to those we love.  Let us learn to love everyone around.  Spend the day in silence as you reflect on your love for your self and all those around you.

Do all this with love if not for yourself, for God.  Through God we can accomplish anything and with his blessings, his son, the son of man Yahshua we can heal, we can cleanse.  We save the world by saving our selves.  So let’s give up our fears and move forward on our paths.  We can’t wait until the last minute to change, we must gradually strive forward on our path of righteousness.  Remain grateful and may you have a blessed October the 15th.