Boycotting Big Oil, can it be done? We’re not stopping a pipeline, we’re protecting a planet. There are people all over the world working on different project from protecting endangered species, to environmentalist, humanitarians, light workers, engineers and scientists.  People from all over are working to create a new world for us, we just have to join them.

Money is a religion and one that will enslave you.  A servitude where you’re not equal to your master and the master is above the servant. The value of a dollar is more than just purchasing power. It is a vote to a system you’re choosing to live in. I understand we are all prisoners to this system, but we can unplug. We can free ourselves from this indentured servitude. We do this simply by choosing to either live without money or to learn where to invest our time and energy.

It is time to pick sides. Light or Dark?


Humankind has to make a choice right now. Do we continue down the path of physical desire and self preservation, or do we alter our paths to more spiritual pursuits? We must learn to live in balance both inside and outside.  This does not mean a duality of good and evil balanced within one person.  It is the balance of light and dark in the universe. For where there is light, there can be no darkness.

The Elders of the Old Tribes have spoken of this time when change would come. The Bible speaks of this time when change will come. It is time to make a choice. Do we continue to feed the machine that destroys our planet, manipulates our climate, Geo-engineer our food, poisons our water, poison our children, enslave us through debt and taxation, and profits off our deaths?

We can no longer live under this regime. We have to walk away from it. If we come together we can take care of each other. God says man will not thirst or hunger, we just trust and all will be provided.  Our lives are surrounded by Gods love and miracles.  It is when we let go of our insecurities and trust that  we see his blessings.

“You’re serving to many masters. You can’t serve God and Money.” – Matthew 6:24


So if you’re Christian you know, “you cannot serve God and Money.” If you’re any other belief well you know the spirit, creator, the God that guides us is a beautiful loving and forgiving spirit. We know the planet is a gift and our very lives are a blessing and they should not be wasted. It doesn’t matter what religion you say it in, love is always the answer. Poverty is always closest to love.

When we can love our neighbors we can work together to create a better world for everyone. It will take time and years of conscious reprogramming of old habits but it can be done. There are quick alternatives to help us in the meantime.  Without even bringing up Tesla we can easily create fuel for our cars using the same water they waste to pump out a little bit of oil during a process we all know as “fracking” that poisons our drinking water.

Water and lye (used for soap) can power a car, compressed air can power a car, plasma can power a car with the correct converter, we can power our lives without the entanglement of wires and pipelines.  Metal = Profit. We saw it with the railroads, then the power lines, electricity, fuel, and even medicine. It is time to stop giving these crooks our money and our time.

Video of the Crow Foundations HHO Generator

HHO Template.jpg

This HHO Generator will power an entire RV.  The concept is you can power your house and/or your vehicle using water.  This is just one invention you can find freely all over YouTube and the internet. We built our design by following examples in a few different models out there coming up with our own somewhat unique design.

This sleek model was designed by my uncle Daniel and myself. This will be used for future projects.  We hope to help whole communities get off their reliance of fossil fuels.  Our design will go right into the vacuum, right into the carburetor.  From here we will have a computer chip control the pressure and rate of flow of the HHO Generator based on the RPMs. The image above is for hybrid vehicles, but hey it’s still a start.

As you know the Crow Foundation is heading out west to bring this technology to the reservations.  We have the power to create a new future, we just have to be willing. We follow Gods will and his will shines through our actions.  So let’s be the change we wish to see and love each other as God has loved us.

Let us all be the light and share this future together in peace, love, and harmony. As a follower of Christ I invite him into all of your lives.  You do not need religion to have a relationship with our Father and his son.  You just have to go within and find your connection to the great circle of life.  For we are all equal in this world and the next. We are all one, there is no separation of body and spirit, they both travel together.  So let us reconnect to Mother Earth and Father Sky.  Continue to let the Gods guide us home into the light.