It is as if love is in the air for the spiritual workers from around the world. Many light workers are uniting in spiritual union sparking love and romance all over the planet.  These spiritual relationships come at a time when the collective is starting to heal from past traumas and pains.  This union is to help repair the damage that was done to both the divine feminine and the masculine.

Our society has made a profit off of our love and has turned our love into abusive, power driven sexual urges. You can see it all over our media how the feminine is sexualized and at the same time the feminine is feared and hidden in many religions and cultures. We have entered a place and moment in the human consciousness where we are ready to heal that part of ourselves.  This is a time for healing, letting go, forgiving, and coming together into a real spiritual relationship with not just yourself, not just your soul mate, but God as well.

After spending the 3rd through the 5th of October with my special soul partner I have come to realize just how important spiritual relationships are.  Through our patience, open communication, and honest expressions of ourselves we have made it through many fears and struggles.  As we both opened up our hearts to each other, fears and love came flooding in.


Healing the Masculine and Feminine Past Traumas


The feminine always being overpowered or guilted for their energy and sexualized to demonize their natural beauty. The masculine however is in fear of losing control and fear of being alone.  So it tries to over powers the feminine into staying with them. We see it in our society how the man must do everything to win the heart of their affection.  True love does not work this way.  True love is balanced and natural.  True love allows freedom between two sparks of life.  These two sparks that will merge and evolve into a higher level of consciousness.

This is why it is important to start learning where the pain, anger, fear, and sadness derive from.  To work with yourselves and your soul mates as you progress through these merging energies.  Be patient and comforting.  If anger arises in the masculine or feminine just stay calm and supportive through it.  Give the other person time to breath and relax, but always be soothing and loving.  This was my experience as the masculine consciousness was working through me for healing at the same time I was working through past trauma fears.  My better half kept with me the whole time, even at times when it felt dark, hopeless, and lonely.

This has been healing for me but the healing for her divine feminine came in my subtlety of being nurturing.  The masculine has been programmed for so long to be tough, hard, and emotionless.  It is time for the masculine to learn about their balanced feminine and to start expressing their inner emotions and feelings.  It is ok to be soft, loving, attentive, caring, compassionate, and merciful.  This is the time for the masculine to step away from control and start trusting. Just as the feminine must learn to now take back their power without over dominating the masculine energy. Revenge is never the answer.


WARNING! Be Careful what you manifest.

This is a partnership and you both must be willing to live in harmony together, trusting the other person.  There is no controlling those you love, it is about controlling your selves. Not letting your fears create and manifest in your relationship. This is very serious and a great warning.  We don’t realize how much of our own misery we welcomed into our lives.

These manifestations happened in our relationship recently.  I had a past fear of being cheated on and often times my mind creates stories and scenarios of what could be happening.  Through these fears an actual man appeared to my love and was there to offer his services for my fear.  Her love for me was stronger than my fear and the manifestation is still lingering around. However my trust for her will turn this darkness into beauty.  For as healers, light workers, mystics, and shamans know we are here to turn darkness into light.  It is as if we can turn poop into gold.

It is a time to be aware of our thoughts and only focus on positivity.  This is when the most important aspect of a spiritual relationship begins.  This is when you allow God to take control of the flow and direction of the relationship.  God will guide you through all your fears.  Fears of sexual abuse and inadequacies.  You fears of abandonment and loss.  Give up all your fears and trust that God will be there to guide you out of the darkness.

God wants you to merge your soul and bring more love onto this planet. This is a part of our mission and our purpose.  Our love can heal the planet and these twin flame connections are powerful enough to alter the reality in which we exist.  I’ve seen this manifestation work for fears, so imagine how much more powerful manifestations are with love.


A Relationship with God

It is just as important for you to continue your relationship with God as it is for you to keep God in your relationships in life.  When two souls come together for any number of purposes whether is is a twin flame connection, a soul mate connection, or just family and friends, for healing and letting go, we must keep God as our center, our source. We must return to source for this is where we find our answers and guidance.

While keeping God in our hearts as we grow together we have begun to merge our destinies into one as well.  We see how God is working through our lives to help each other heal.  Without jumping to conclusions we can take that this meeting of our souls was one of healing and one of bringing me closer to God. Don’t be intimidated by your partners quest for God because that love is going to keep driving your relationship forward.

With God at the wheel of your relationships they will always begin, end, and continue as is necessary for our personal growth and evolution.  So don’t be afraid for God will carry you through what ever he brings you to.  You’re not forgotten and always loved. Those people in your life are there for a reason and people out of your lives are gone for a reason.  So trust, give your life and love over to God and let him guide your heart to where you can be most beneficial. Trust.