As I walk through this dream we call a reality I see many sad faces. I see a world of healers and a world where so many souls are tormented. Torn apart for so long they can no longer see the light that is within them.  Their lights are diminishing and it almost feels hopeless to us healers.  How can we possibly heal all these people when we ourselves are healing. Yet we forget we all contain the gift of light.

There is a simple cure for most social issues which is a mental sickness in the human consciousness, this cure is called love.  As you practice being love every moment, you start to heal your consciousness.  This love can spread throughout the consciousness on its own.  It is going to take acts of love to really make a bigger impact on the world.  It isn’t enough to just dream of a world of healing.  We must now act out our dreams into the realm we call reality. In this we alter our future into one our children can inherit.


We are either being love or having a lesson in love.  This can be difficult to decipher for those of us with large amounts of “free” time. Filling as if we are waiting for something to come or happen, yet in those moments of uncertainty, there is one certainty I will bring to your attention.  You have the choice to be love.  What would love do with her free time?  Will she create something beautiful? Spend time with someone who feels alone?  Maybe reach out to someone they haven’t spoken to in awhile.

We heal the collective collectively.  Through our output of open honesty and open love. We can no longer hide from our fears and insecurities, our anxieties.  We must face all we fear now in this moment together. For every moment is a chance to grow and change. We just have to be willing to see the experiences presented as a gift and to show gratitude.  Gratitude for all in our lives is how we alter our attitudes and become the light on the hill.


So when you see people hurting, be silent, listen, and see what you’re guided to do for these people.  It may not always be a gift of matter, it might just be an emotional gesture that matters most.  A hug or smile can change a moment, compassion and empathy can change the world. Our actions always speak louder than words, but our Gods words created this world.  Let our words be gentle and kind, full of this love we all want for ourselves.

Love is about giving not getting.  Sometimes the best cure for ourselves comes when we start giving to others.  Those who have an abundance of material matter but not enough spiritual meaning have become lost in the physical world.  Their best cure is to give to those who need.  To give without expectations and with love.  For to do anything without love is to not have done anything at all.  So let us give lovingly and receive the gift of grace.

So let’s all take on the responsability of beings healers.  Be the light and change the world needs.  You all have Gods blessings, use your gifts and share your love with the world.  It doesn’t have to be so dark, we just have to become brighter. May you be blessed in all you do and may you be guided by God and all the angels.  With God Speed.