Good day loves,

I have not posted a blog in a few days now and it isn’t for lack of wanting to do anything.  For I have been very busy with my own spiritual path. Creating a new world with my own thoughts, emotions, and actions.  As we strive to save the world we often get consumed with what is outside of us that is wrong.  This is not how we save the world.  To save the world we must save ourselves.

This can be challenging in a world flooded with too much information.  I say too much because there are many misconceptions being tossed around.  To many truths hidden in lies.  We have all been guided back to our hearts, our center. We have to learn to listen and trust in ourselves. To learn who our true selves are.

I was recently working on a video for the Day of Peace when my partner and I came to a realization that by fighting the system we are feeding it energy.  Keeping it alive with our own thoughts and energy. That is when we were guided to remember we have a choice in this life.  We can choose to keep fighting the old world or start creating a new world.



Life is a circle and in life we often get to caught up in the yin and yang.  Let us not focus on yin and yang and only focus on love and light.  For if we are a wheel, a circle of life, then love is the all encompassing energy that creates and gives life.  We are pure love. We are a circle of light.

This comes at an interesting time in societal life.  We need to unite and group together.  Our fight and cause has united us.  Yet we are here for the ultimate goal, world peace. So if we truly want peace then we must bring peace into our hearts.  If we want a world of love, we must learn to love the world.

So I am calling all souls now. I’m calling you to step out of the old and embrace the new.  By the blessings and grace of God I have been given gifts.  I don’t fully understand all my gifts, I just know they are blessings.  We all have gifts that allow us to perceive the world around us.  From seeing energy, dreaming of the future, receiving messages from the spirits and angels, to speaking directly with God.


It is time to walk away from this society that is destroying itself.  We must walk away and create a new world.  I am being called to guide people out of illusion and back into Gods loving embrace.  We can die as martyrs or we can live as healers.  The choice is always ours to make, we do not have to be born just to die.  We can live a life of giving, compassion, and love.

We can choose to be creators in this world or we can choose to be fighters.  The best way to fight evil, is to not fight it at all.  Understand it, accept it, love it, and let it go.  What is no longer serving you in this life, you must let go of.  All that anger, hate, sadness, and fear must be removed from our lives.  We have to stop hiding from ourselves and face what is internally wrong with us. For humanity is a reflection of our own inner self.

This does not mean that humans are inherently dark beings, we are not suppose to live in duality in our hearts. We are actually beings of light, reflections of all that is.  Reflecting from the inside of our hearts and out into the world.  It is time to be the change we wish to see.  That is why we all must start over.  Not everyone is going to choose to come with us.  I ask all of you to follow us.


The Crow Foundation will continue to stand strong with all the tribes of the world.  We choose to be love in the face of darkness. Above all we choose to create instead of fight.  That is why The Crow Foundation is heading in a new direction.  We are ever evolving, and ever growing.  Today we make the choice to be love and only love.  Today we make the choice to bring heaven on earth by becoming caretakers and gardeners for the earth.  If we want heaven, we must create it.

It is too easy to be distracted in our world today from all the violence, death, hate, and fear.  This won’t be easy at first as we learn to let go.  As we learn to quit hiding from old pains and emotions.  When we can release these old chains, we will be free to create a truly beautiful world.  Don’t let pain hold you back, stop hiding it behind anger and hate.  Stop living in fear.  Stand up and be brave.  Be brave in the knowledge that God is with us and through God we cannot fail.

Stay strong loves, and remember we are with you.  Every time you hear a Crow squawk, those are spirits calling into this world.  The spirits are bringing us the medicine we truly need.  The knowledge of light and dark has been an almost successful mission for humanity.  Whatever Adam(atom) opened up is now in the final phase of being understood.  With the wisdom of darkness we can fully become the light we seek.

God bless, God speed and may we all live long and prosper together.  God Bless this Planet.