September 18th 2016

Today marks a day that will forever change my view of the world.  I gave up on politics when I gave up on the two party system.  Yet after running into the Green Party during a North Dakota Pipeline protest I was invited to their summit meeting. I realized this was an opportunity to understand a political group I had little knowledge of.

I can tell you after getting tired of left wing and right wing political propaganda it was refreshing to hear the Green Party members speak. They spoke on the issues we are all so passionate about.  They stand behind the people and the planet.  The Green Party isn’t in this for profits or power, it is in this to save our planet.


I may not have given much thought to politics before this meeting but I see now how uniting for a common cause can have beneficial outcomes not expected.  You create networks of caring compassionate people.  People who want to see you succeed and help you in your endeavors.  This is how all movements start.

So today I drove an hour down to the Suburban Bourbon in Muskego Wisconsin to learn about the Green Party.  Feeling like I was making history as I drove to this little tavern to see a revolution play out. Reminding me of when the Marines were founded at Tun Tavern in Pennsylvania. Makes me think about how America came by their independence.  Freedom is always spoken about in the taverns first.  From the taverns to the streets.



It doesn’t matter what it takes to bring us together as long as we stand united.  If there is one party that can help unite the world and help bring back a balanced, a more natural way, an older way of existing, it is the Green Party.  As much as I love and respect Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party, I am seeing way more action and progress from the Green Party.

So let us stand up in solidarity, stand up for what is important to us.  It is time to stand up with Standing Rock to protect our water, our way of life, and our future.  Together we can change the world, together we are the cure.  So I ask you to escape the mind, follow your spirit, and join the Crow Foundation and the Green Party as we work together to preserve this planet and all humanity on it.