Before I speak on this, I give warning to the power of words.  We must be careful to not create dark energy around us.  Remember to always be the light and to trust in God (Creation, Allah, Wakan Tanka, Krishna, Yahashua, Christ).

Turning Darkness Into Beauty

It is always a pleasure to watch our little siblings grow up.  Sometimes it seems as if life just skipped by and they grew up too fast.  This is true for my lovable little sister who is now 19.  She was so sweet and innocent but I never got to watch her grow up. She also never got to really know her 3 oldest brothers.

Her three oldest brothers all joined the Marines after 9/11.  With all her brothers gone, she was left to her own vices.  No other kids to play with, no brothers to torture, and no parents to guide.  The parents had to work just to maintain the household and their standard of living. Even though she had more materials and luxuries than I did as a boy, she had less of an adventure and less love.

Not to say that she isn’t living now, but the world in which she was raised was like that of most children these days.  Technology and school.  From television to Ipads, game consoles to computers, government to current events.  Plus a vast array of other technologies that allows easy transfer of ideas, frequencies, and programming at the touch of a button.  Ready to be downloaded from anywhere in the world straight through the world wide web.

Today I my sister posted something on facebook about pumpkins and murder.  As if murder is normal in our society, accepted, and joked about. It scared me and I was about to reply to her when I decided to write to everyone instead. It is time to stop accepting violence in our lives.

system failure.jpg

What are our children watching?  What subtle programming is seeping into their mind altering their perspective of the world around them? It is a dark and sinister frequency coming through all channels.  I see it daily through all the media outlets.  Someday’s the world gets so dark you have to just escape out into nature leaving behind all technology just to find yourself again. Sometimes the only peace comes from the darkness in the depths of the mind where there is only you.

I see a world growing to accept death, destruction, murder, sex, rape, adultery, polygamy, pedophilia, genocide, public executions, war, corruption, greed, wealth, porn, etc..  We have become Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah. I often wonder if God will destroy our cities like he did in the old biblical days. I cannot say for sure what our future holds, not for everyone anyways.

I can say that the world in which we live is growing steadily more violent and the only way to stop it is to stop allowing our children to be raised by the government and their technology. Your children are the future and we are not ready for a generation of twerking mothers and war praising father’s. I think of the movie Idiocracy but even the world was better then the world we are living now.

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As you can see negative words can create negative energy, so we must be the light.  We must see ourselves as responsible for the world around us. Yes we have been manipulated without our knowing, but we know now.  There is no more excuses, the internet allowed us to transfer knowledge at a really high rate. We are flooded with information. We must disseminate this information, break it down into useful knowledge, and practice it until we are wise.

That is why as healers and shamans you must learn to transmute all negative energy, let it pass through your core, and convert the energy into something useful.  Creating beauty out of darkness. Nothing. It is a practice and art that was lost long ago.  Forgotten about as the lands and history of our people where destroyed and replaced with shopping malls and condos, highways, and parking lots. Turning darkness into beauty is our job.  It is what we are born to do.

The future we are to create should teach our children about compassion, about responsibility on a global scale. Give our kids a world where they want to help the planet and humanity evolve. Imagine a world without death, without hate, without fear.  Try not to argue about it, just use your imagination and picture it.  Leave the logic at home, and imagine a world without this darkness.  Imagine a world where love is the ruling thumb of justice.


Lets define love, for many of us have a slightly perverted concept of it. Love is a connection between all things.  A vibration that dwells within all life.  Love is knowing without remembering. Love is recognition of oneness.  When you love someone it is because they are a part of you.  So when you learn to see everything around you, every atom, every being, every spark, every river of energy is you.  Than you learn to love the world, creation, and everyone.

Our problems begin inside and express outwardly.  Our world is dark because we have allowed ourselves to become dark.  This happened through division of self. As if the big bang was nothing more than an argument and we are here to piece ourselves back together. Our love is the bond, the glue that connects everything.  We can no longer put ourselves in little boxes and hide from the truth.

Sure the ego, the mind is afraid to no longer exist.  So attached to it self and the little world it created for itself.  Attached to so much it is afraid to look at his own reflection and be honest about who he really is. Ashamed that if he remembers that we are all one, that his existence will be meaningless.  Yet if I were God I would remember all the best parts of me and have them live in my heart forever.

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That is why I come to you now. On my knees if I must.  I beg and I plead with you.  Give up this illusion, these attachments, these false connections.  Stop living divided amongst yourselves.  You live on streets and barely know your closest neighbors.  You hate a person you never met on the other side of the planet.  Yet given the chance you two would be amazing friends and create amazing beauty and love in this world.

There are no limits to your imagination or soul. There are only limits set in your mind through complex programming. You must end the loops, the cycles, the continuing habits that are destroying you and your world. We can do this if we work together much quicker.  However this is a battle we each face and we each must go within to battle.  Yet when you come out of the darkness, your family will be here to welcome you home.

So do not be afraid of the impending future of society.  It was not designed to last forever, it was merely a sickness due to lack of understanding.  Lack of truly knowing one self.  Lost in space and time due to fear.  So wash and cleanse the fear from your body.  Lets all go down to the river and pray. Studying about that good ol’way.  Let us end the pollution of our sacred water. Let us cleanse the world.

Our lives and world may be scattered, just remember to love.  Start by loving yourself and than try to find yourself in everything around you.  Try to see how everything around you is inside of you. The sun has a trillion faces, and we are dispersed in many places.  Yet in our hearts we will always be connected.  From source to soul. We will be free.

God bless and God speed