Today the Crow Foundation found others who are standing with those who are protecting the North Dakota water ways.  Seeing many people standing in solidarity with Standing Rock and the Sacred Stone Camp. From all ages to all backgrounds people are standing together in unity.  Waukesha Wisconsin may not have been as big as other gatherings, but with a whole world united our numbers stand strong.

It wasn’t just in Waukesha Wisconsin it was in many cities across the entire world.  A day of unity for the indigenous tribes that have suffered the worst over these “prosperous” and “progressive” years. Yet these tribes through all they suffered offer love and knowledge of the old ways.  The old ways which are needed to create the future we know is possible.


Many of the protectors and activists that showed up to day had a very common saying.  We must become the change we wish to see.  They didn’t all say the same words, but the meaning was the same.  It is time for us to take a step back from the chaotic and time strained society in which we live and to give focus back to that which gives us life.

Water is life and water is the greatest expression of love. Children come into this earth through the water of their mother, and our Mother, Mother Earth gives us life through her source energies. This is a deep connection that the indigenous tribes of the world have remembered for all these years.  It is time to go back and listen to our elders, follow our ancestors to a way of remembrance.  To remember how to live in balance with nature and life it self.


We are love, we are light.  We are great reflections of the Gods above.  For it is said in the very beginning of the bible, “I created man in our own image.”  We are not alone and we are not afraid.  The Great Spirit is watching and guiding us.  We had great teachers and fathers come to show us the way.  Christ was love, and now we to must be love.  We must not just learn to love our selves but everything and everyone around us.

Again I thank you for your support, not for me, but for all life that is precious on this earth.  With out you there will be no future.  So let us stand together today.  May you all be blessed on your path.  God speed, God is with you.

The Crow Foundation at Waukesha Wi Day of Action #NoDAPL