Even after a day of standing up all around the nation it appears as if even more is needed for the Dakota Pipeline.  The Standing Rock and Sacred Stone sites need our help more than ever.  It is going to take more than 4k volunteers to end this.  It may just as well take every last man, woman, and child. What are we asking for, from you?

The Crow Foundation is asking that you use your souls and hearts to move the hearts of the officers and soldiers in uniform.  To remind them we are all love, we must express this love.  Yet, how can we do this if we continue to keep working for the same people who send their soldiers of fortune after us? We can’t continue to support that which destroys life.


Am I asking you to quit paying taxes, quit filing taxes, and quit registering your self and your stuff to the government?  YES!  Am I asking you to stop consuming poison, stop allowing your water to be fluoridated, and that you use only what you need?  YES!  Am I asking you to quit your jobs and remember the old ways of living off the land and working together in communities? YES!

Some people like to argue that we need death and destruction to control the population. Yet they rarely understand that poverty is the number one catalyst for population growth. So as we learn to reconnect with our souls, to quit living in the mind.  We start to remember how to live and no longer require the over stimulation of television, video games, phones, and computers.


More is needed for the Dakota Pipeline
Cherokee Peace Flag

So for those of you, and I”M CALLING OUT MY VETERAN BUDDIES!  We more than everyone else owes our country this.  We above all else have to do what is right first.  We volunteered to make a difference and only pushed the agenda of the elite further while diminishing human rights everywhere.  We owe the people the most for we where once standing on the wrong side of the line.

I know what we where trained to do in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I know what we where trained to do in all the wars the media didn’t cover over the last 30 years. I’m asking you brothers and sisters to be more courageous than you have ever been.  I’m asking you to stand up with non-violence.  I’m asking you to use your will and heart as your weapon and to put down your swords and guns.  I’m asking you to pick up love and share it with our Nation.  A Nation that needs our love now more than ever.

Blackfeet Nation Flag

There was never a better time or a stronger calling for us brothers and sisters to unite.  Let’s reunite on the front lines of corruption.  Let us teach our enemies what real love is, and if we are good at what we do, we might just convert them into friends.  I know I ask a lot from all of you. I know it will feel as if you are being torn in half.  Letting go of the shore, the illusion in which we all live, the machine, the matrix.  Call it what you will, when we walk away, it dissolves.  It isn’t real, real is nature, it is there with or with out humans.  Yet humans can bring life back to nature.

So Veterans come stand with our Native American brothers in arms.  They have served on the frontlines of our wars, now let us stand on the front line of theirs.  This battle isn’t about just one river.  This battle is about life for all on this planet.  Do we continue to allow people to steal our lands, steal our water, poison our foods, and continue to humiliate our people?  I say no more, it is time for not just us veterans but everyone to stand up.  Let us join our native brothers and sisters.

Let us join in their struggle. For we all have indigenous souls, and where we not all born on the same land?

Wyoming Cherokee Flag