We no longer live in a time of ignorance, we live in a time of awakening.  All around the world people are realizing that the world in which we live is not the right way of living.  We are calling for change in every nation and every city. That is why today the Crow Foundation would like to share how you can show your solidarity with the #NoDAPL Day of Action.


The Crow Foundation will be going to the protest in Waukesha Greens tonight at 6pm.

 Waukesha Greens #NoDAPL
September 13, 2016 6:30 PM
Frame Park
1150 Frame Park Dr
Waukesha, WI 53186

This is a time for everyone to stand in unity. If you still haven’t decided to take the stand, let me explain the importance of this movement. We have been living in a world that has lost most of its moral compass.  Wealth, riches, luxuries, fame, and power have become important goals for much of the world.  These things come at the cost of our planet.  If we continue to allow the few to control our paths we will have no planet left to call home.

This isn’t just about stopping one pipeline.  This isn’t about protecting one tribe.  This is about ending the corruption that has been destroying our planet for all our lives. We are guilty by association and by standing up in unity we can set in motion the catalyst needed to begin creating a new world.

Pipelines break and malfunction all over the world. 66,000 gallons of oil spilled in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.


“Officials in North Battlefield shut off its river intake last week and switched to groundwater, according to Reuters.” – The Weather Channel

Can your neighborhood afford to lose their rivers?  How long until that oil seeps into your wells and ground water? Again this is just one problem, halting this one pipeline begins the halt for all other pipelines and fracking from around the world.  We have the potential to end all pollution world wide.  Our voices grow louder as we grow together. We will be heard and we won’t be ignored.

Prophecies from the Past

I share these prophecies not to scare but to encourage.  To show that there is hope for us and our future. These times we are living in are very magical but the illusion of society will keep you blind from this great energy that creates our very existence. It is time to listen, to listen to the elders, the ancients, and the Great Spirit; God.

The prophets before us came with many warnings and blessings.  We live in a time where whole nations are struggling with a bipolar sickness.  We can continue to live in the mind and destroy our selves or we can live within the spirit and follow a path to a better way; the old way.

This most recent prophecy came true at the site of the Twin Comets that came by.  Signaling the beginning of the 7th fire.

The Seven Fire Prophecy

This prophecy is the ancient teachings passed down from generation to generation before the light skins ever even came to North America. Hearing this for the first time brought tears and goose bumps to my skin.  Even I still battle the mind, but it is time to find our hearts.  Let our souls guide us back to the true ways to live and stand in confidence with what we know.

Calling of the Rainbow Warriors

We are being called now to stand up and be the brave warriors of love and light.  We are the Rainbow Warriors! This is the first prophecy that led me down a path.  Our dreams can be our future.