We all remember today, it each brings us all to the same time and place.  That moment carried forward a destructive momentum that took all of us down a dark path. Blindly following each others anger and hate into war.  Sending our children off to collect a hateful debt in the name of revenge.

Recruiters where receiving huge bonuses for the volunteer recruits that came flooding in through their doors.  Recruiters had whole auditoriums of children to choose from as the schools opened their doors.  This led many young children like my older brother and my self into the gates of man hood. Following in the footsteps of the historic heroes who created this nation.  Becoming warriors for a Nation we can all be proud of.

The Marines carried me from boyhood to manhood.  Serving my nation and my family.  Finally having something to be proud of.  Society completely changed its perspective of me.  Going from a hoodlum to a Marine.  Someone respectable, for our nation puts its soldiers above everything.  I was raised not in an instance but in 3 months of intense reprogramming, turning my mind from a creative artistic expression to a killing machine.

We are the defenders of freedom, liberty, and capitalism. We control the world through brute force and violence.  We do not back down for we are the Devil Dogs!  We wear our colors proudly and raise our flag above all other nations. We do all this in our God who we trust. We are the protectors of Heaven, the angels of war.


Where are our wings now?  What happened to all that glory and pride?  Is there anyone left who still thinks war is glorious?  Are there still people willing to send their children off to die for another unjust cause? I ask this because when you finally find the truth, you have to ask how can there still be others who don’t see it?

If war taught me anything, it is that we are all human.  The people I met in war didn’t look like a threat to our nations freedom.  We did, we looked like a threat to their freedoms.  We where not fighting insurgents, we where the insurgents. Poor citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan where blamed for something they didn’t do.  In a society of extremist what can you do?

War brings up many questions to a flowering mind.  A mind that was once stunted with hatred and anger. A cloud of confusion lost through the expansion of the consciousness. To alter a persons awareness of their surroundings helps to create a clearer picture.  For I to was blind but now I can see.  I was once a typical proud American who would go as far as giving my life for a country that has given so little back.

In reality the one outside of mainstream media and social engineering. In the world around us there is a hidden truth in everything you see. After the war and after my 5 years of testing weapons for the government.  I finally used my G.I.Bill to go to college. I mean this is what I was rewarded and the only decent thing the government was offering me for my service.

Tower 7
Tower 7 came down from a small office fire. Destroying large caches of evidence that could put away many of our nations leaders.

Going to college while battling PTSD was no easy thing.  However I managed to finish college in just 3 years.  I must admit for the record, that I did drop out of college with only 5 weeks of school left. The reason I left school just before graduation was simple. I had learned all I needed to learn from this establishment and did not require a degree.  For what I learned would change my view on how I wanted to be and live as a person. To be or not to be.  I chose to be free and not to be a part of a failing establishment and an old war machine that is falling apart.

If college taught me anything, it was how to do research.  Once you could begin researching a topic you could then educate your self and was no longer dependent on a professor or authority of education.  Where I did enjoy the professors was the immediate response to an expert on a subject.

I no longer required their services or the services of the United States Government.  I left it all behind because I didn’t want to live in anger anymore.  Why was I so angry?  Because I hated my government for manipulating me into war.  Using my entire childhood against me, creating a false illusion to have soldiers of fortune at the ready. I felt like a victim.

Not anymore, the anger is gone.  Peace has been found.  There is one problem however that still remains.  That others like me are still suffering.  Some are suffering and don’t even know it.  Very few people remain that don’t know 9/11 was an inside job.  Master minded not by angry goat herders in the mountains of Afghanistan, but by men in suits at the top towers that eerily remind me of Babylon.  We are talking about an elite group of people who orchestrate mass murder, genocide, rape, kidnappings, executions, imprisonment, and public poisoning on such a massive scale no body wants to believe it.


On September 11th I want everyone to remember one thing.  We don’t have to be angry and we don’t have to get revenge. Violence only creates more violence.  We have to end the chain of violence, break away from it.  We must become a non-violent nation.  We have to fix our society and rebuild all new infrastructure. We need to reclaim our trust with our selves and with our planet.

We cannot continue to let the government force feed us pharmaceutical medication and allowing corporations and banks to take us for everything we got and leave us with nothing but a polluted planet that is uninhabitable. We don’t want that people, trust me. You want a future that your children can enjoy.

Nothing in this world is ours, we cannot own any of it.  We only borrow things we need until that day we no longer require anything from this planet and we give our bodies back to Mother Earth.  We only borrow these bodies and this little amount of time on this planet.  Shall we waste our time killing our selves and all that which sustains life?  OR Can we move forward into a world where we think of all others before our selves?  Where we think of our selves as all others.

I do believe this world exists and is just waiting for us to take the right path.  So don’t fret, don’t be angry, and above all do not give into violence.  Let us stand with our Native American brothers and sisters as they are standing up after years of oppression and genocide using the force of non-violence. May you all live long and prosper. God Speed.  With Love.