When I speak, I speak with purpose.  Our words affect the world in which we live. Just as the world in which we live was created by Gods words. We learn to speak by defining the world around us.  By learning how to redefine our world and our selves we can change our future.

Right now we live in a time of little chance.  There isn’t any more room to keep making the same mistakes over and over.  It’s time to learn from our past, acknowledge our responsibility in the way things are, and move forward into a more positive light.  We cannot afford to keep being destructive with our lives, our actions, and our words.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million more times, “We become the change we wish to see.”.  Spoken first by Gandhi and now by millions.  We are not alone in this brothers and sisters.  This is not a time of fear, it is a time of celebration.  We are standing up together in love and unity all over the world.  I’m not the only person trying to make the world a better place and neither are you.


Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

It isn’t always easy to bring about change in our lives but as we have learned from The Earth Guardian foundation and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez; we make subtle changes in our lives every day and before you know it you’ll be a new person living in a new world. We have no choice but to reduce our carbon footprint.  Our planet is giving us every warning and signal that now is the time for change.  If we choose right, we can have a brighter future.

This is why I have chosen to spend another month in the garage before heading out to join my brothers and sisters protecting our planet.  In this garage we are building a safe and renewable energy source using the power of water.  Water is a magical source of energy.  Energy is magical, like when the wind blows by and creates music in the trees and dances over the tops of the water. We are surrounded by a world of beauty and intrigue.

With little to no money we have began construction on an HHO generator that’ll be just as safe if not safer than using gasoline or propane. The dream that began this construction, was a dream of being free.  Free from my own abuse, my own regrets, free from slavery and oppression.  It began when I was asked the simple question, “What do you want for your self?”

Ask your self that now and ask if you can truly have that with our society the way it is now?  There is a beauty missing in our lives.  It was stolen from us and sold back to us by men who are far worse off than we are even though they have all the money.  We must show mercy and compassion to our oppressors, for they are missing one of the most abundant sources of energy in the world.  Love.


I love this planet, and all who inhabit it.  I may not show or express my love well.  The disdain we show to mother earth when we drink and eat from plastic that ends up in a land fill.  Every time we create garbage we are taking from Mother Earth and replacing it with garbage.  We are not giving back or being fruitful.  We are being wasteful with a life source that is more mysterious than most could even begin to dream or imagine.

Not everyone is a poet, a musician, a singer, or engineer.  We all have talents and dreaming is one as well.  Not everyone is a dreamer but listen to your dreamers for they can see the future.  Yet us dreamers can’t build the future, we need you healers, engineers, artists, poets, and musicians to help us create this future.  With your words, with your actions, with your kinetic energy of abundant love, YOU can create the future we all know is possible.  Not just for America, not just for the Indigenous souls of this great earth, but for all life everywhere.

Let us show the universe, God, creation that we are sorry.  Not with just our words, but starting with our words.  Let us speak lovingly and compassionately towards each other and everything around us.  Then let us stand up together and unite the world.  For I have seen both worlds.  One where you and I unite and live happy, and the other which we will no longer speak of.  For we will no longer give it energy and with our consciousness combined we will unthink it out of existence.

There is only one future for America and that is one of unity, love, balance, and true justice for all.  May you all have a blessed weekend.  I shall see you loves soon.  Take care and forever carry your love strong.  Live long and Prosper.  May the Light be with you.



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