As I was preparing to head out to the North Dakota pipeline to show my support and unity for a cleaner greener tomorrow. I realized to truly protest corruption, I have to stop being a part of it.  This occurred to me as I was about to drive a gas guzzling monster rv to the protest.  Can I truly protest the oil companies while sucking up all their oil?

I decided before I can show my support on the front lines I must be more prepared.  That is why we are converting our rv into a hydrogen fueled, solar powered house on wheels.  Become the change you wish to see in the world.  So as I need a way to travel quickly and always have a home, I will continue to show my progress on these modifications.

We are preparing the motor now to be able to handle the new hydrogen fuel. I know many people have safety concerns with hydrogen so let me put them to rest.  With the right safety precautions, hydrogen can be a very safe form of fuel and energy. You don’t store hydrogen in a container, you create hydrogen on demand.  With hydrogen on demand you have no hydrogen deposits large enough to cause an explosion.


Just as gasoline can catch on fire and are known to be combustible in auto accidents. Hydrogen fuel source is water, so there is nothing to spill on the side of the road and nothing to cause an explosion.  In the event of an accident the hydrogen generator will kill switch all electricity to the generator stopping any production of future combustibles.  Add that with pressure regulators and flow valves there is nothing to be afraid of.

Let us talk about the possibilities of creating a vehicle that uses no fossil fuels.  Many people may not know but the first Ford cars where originally built from hemp and fueled by hemp.  This hemp plastic was stronger and more reliable than plastic and steel, as well as light weight. What we see now is a world controlled by greed and fear.  These corporations don’t want to change, they want to do as little as possible and maintain large amounts of wealth. So Ford was forced to end his hemp cars and convert to using metal and fossil fuels.


How can we truly protest the pipeline if we drive there on fuel, using propane stoves, refrigerators, and generators. Imagine electricity produced completely free that can be shared and used by everyone. This hydrogen generator will be able to fuel the generator, stove, and motor using simple pressure regulators and control valves.  After hours of research the Crow Foundation is confident that it can bring the future to the reservations.  A people devastated by poverty and government regulations.

The Crow Foundation wants to bring this technology to everyone but first we will bring it to the families living with out power or fresh water on the reservations. Just as Gandhi freed his people the real Indians of the world.  We will  free all Native Americans from their corporate overseers. God bless and God speed.  May the force be with you.  May you live long and prosper.  Good Day to all of you.