We see a sickness and what is the first thing we do?  We treat the symptoms.  Sure we can stop the pipeline from being built and we should.  What caused the pipeline to be build in the first place?  Our dependency on fossil fuels.  If we can end our dependency on fossil fuels than we can end any need of ever creating a pipeline again.

Sure some will argue that power and energy shouldn’t be free, yet God didn’t charge you for the spark of life within you, so how can you charge for a spark of life in anything else?  The way to cure this sickness is to create the change we need.  The funny thing is it has been created over and over again. For the last century or more people have come up with many inventions to relieve man of his reliance to fossil fuels.

HHO generator huge.jpg

The Crow Foundation has promised and it is our mission to cure this planet and the beings on it of all sickness.  We cannot do it alone but we can lead the way in the best way we know possible.  By experimenting with future technologies, going against the norm and finding alternate solutions to complex problems. Simple solutions if I may add.

The Crow Foundation or I Matthew Stark have recently purchased an RV in the hopes of making a completely self sustainable home.  This home will be able to transport it self around the world on nothing more than free energy, creating heat from free energy, creating cool air from free energy, heating water or food from free energy.  How is this possible you ask?

There are many solutions but the best one I believe I found that is the most cost effective is a HHO Generator.  HHO is hydrogen, compounds use to make water.  We can turn water into pure energy by separating the components that make water. This is easily done through magnetic positive and negative currents. Through this power we can create on-demand fuel for anything from cars, generators, stoves, and welding machines.

HHO generator diagram.jpg

The potentials are astronomical for the human race.  Not only is water the most abundant resource on this planet, but our fossil fuels are the second most destructive force next to meat farming. I’m not asking you to become vegans just yet, but I am asking you to consider the possibility of having a safe alternative fuel source.

You ask how is hydrogen safe when we have all heard of hydrogen bombs?  It is simple we are not holding onto a storage of hydrogen but are creating a on demand fuel source.  This fuel will be burnt up as it is needed and with no storage tank you’ll never have an explosion. Provided in this conversation is a video explaining one of the possibilities of HHO generators if done on a spiritual and scientific method.

Spiritual, how?  There is a misunderstanding about energy in our world.  We believe energy is spent and never returned, never created from nothing.  However humans over the last 100 years have proven we can create energy from little to nothing.  We can input a little energy and extract much more than we put in.  This is what capitalist are afraid of.  Something that can be given away for free.

Can we live in a world with out profit?  Can we live in a world that no longer pollutes and destroys its only life force? Can we move away from a way of life that produces mountains of garbage to a society that regrows rain forests and natural habitats for humans and animals alike?  Can we move away from the social framework that creates our cities and makes humanity look like a harmful bacteria on this planet?

I believe we can and it starts with our own personal choices.  The Crow Foundation can show up and protest the pipeline in our gas fueled RV, powering our air conditioner with our gas powered generator, cooking our food on a propane fueled stove from food taken from our propane refrigerator.  We could do all of this, or we could do everything we can to be the change we wish to see. We can create the future, today.