When there is a will there is a way.  The protesters are showing great resilience even after a recent set back signed off by the Governor.  The state and reservation was providing drinking water for the protesters as we are in the hot days of summer.  This comes shortly after the pipeline withdrew to think of a more efficiency way of dealing with the unifying of all tribes. With sweltering heat there have already been many who have fallen out due to heat exhaustion.

This is the catalyst that was needed to set in motion a unification of all Native American tribes.  Through a unified coalition of people we can show our power through our hearts, love, and standing together through non-violence.  Non-violence isn’t a way to ignore problems or hide from them.  It is about facing problems head on with no fear trusting in God and Love to carry our mission through.

As Lanza Del Vasto said after studying with Gandhi – “The means must be just as honorable as the ending.”  So with these protests getting hotter and stickier by the day it is even more important to remember who we truly are at the center of our being.  They may take our water, our food, and our air but they will never take our spark.  This spark that will ignite a revolution of peace and balance among this planet.

We can sit back and keep hoping others will change so we don’t have to, or we can change our selves. Already tribes from all over the nation are gathering at the protest as Sacred Stone Camp. The numbers grow by the day and we shall continue to grow in number.  Now is the time to show support, if you can’t leave due to personal obligations, please send water. Send money for water, but lets make sure our protesters are getting what they need to keep up the fight.

pipeline protest dc.jpg

The Crow Foundation is ready and willing to transport food and water in and out of the front lines of the Pipeline protest. Through our efforts we hope to not only bring up to date news about the campsite and the protest it self as well as news from the team in DC, but we also hope to ease any suffering, sickness, pain, anger, and violence.  We will support any and all life caught in the middle of this power struggle.  We have no foe, we have no enemy.  We treat and care for all who need it.  Protesters, police we see only humans.

If you would like to help out by donating water and food, plus you live between Wisconsin and North Dakota I would be glad to stop by and pick up your supplies for the men and women who have given up so much for all our sake. Thank you for all you do, please continue to follow the Crow Foundation as we head in to the unknown. Take care and God Bless.