As we begin to network and branch out, find new ways to express our selves and unite with others we tend to find our selves in the spotlight. We get noticed by everyone. We increase intrigue for those we stand with and for those who stand against us.  We are divided right now by many boxes.  Like commodities in a database. This is about Online Safety for the Soul.  As well as a bit of intrigue into cures and love for that which will try to harm us.

We cannot have fear when we are moving forward into unfamiliar territory. When we are becoming new people we will begin to do new things. Different things. As long as we trust in God, as long as we trust in Jesus Christ to protect us, watch over us, guide us, we will be safe.

christs armor.jpg

Christ is our armor, our shield, our sword, and our rod of truth. Walk in the light and do not be afraid of the dark. No harm will befall you, no challenge you cannot face, and no question you cannot find the answer to. Ask and you shall receive. Learn to understand the vibrations of your body. Study chakras, study Christ, study Buddhism and Hindu.

“We must learn to love our enemy, to make them our friend.” – Gandhi

To see a clearer picture you need 365 degrees of perspective. Through unity you get clarity. You get truth, be warned. Online is deceptive, go through trusted friends for sources of information. Discover through each other and through your own exploration of the world around you.

You will start to see through the veil, synchronistic events will guide your every move. Trust in your self, trust in the inner you, ignore the thoughts of fear, worry doubt. We can change the past and future right now. Our past can be the fuel that gets us into the future. So never be afraid. What is it we said in the 90’s? NO FEAR!


We have to start to understand energy and how it transfer from everything and everyone around us to us and through us to them. We cannot let others push fear on us.  Learn to stand up for our selves with out putting someone down.  As we lift our selves up, we should lift those up around us.  Even those who would try to vampire our energy.  Drain us of our happiness for their own gain and then sell it back to us in fancy packaging.

Protect your self by allowing God, Christ, the Holy Ghost, the Arc Angels, Ascended Masters, and your spirit guides to defend you against attacks.  To show you how to protect your self.  This world is in dire states, but do not worry.

God Bless and God Speed, we are one.

One more bit of guidance. First Rule of the Universe: Don’t Panic! So stay safe, be loved, share love. We’ll catch you on the flip side.