Hello Loves,

I am excited to share that we are getting ready to hit the road.  Just in case you’re wondering who we are, we are Niko the great Corgi and Matthew Gods Disciple. We are traveling from our family in Wisconsin and headed to North Dakota to help the all on our path as we stand in unity with the tribes of this nation.

To make this possible I knew I would need a home on wheels.  Trusting in the Great Spirit (Wakan Tanka) God has found me an RV I think is humble enough and strong enough to withstand this great journey.  We present to you the Crow Foundations very own RV, Mi Casita (Our Tiny Home).  It isn’t ours yet, but we are in the myst of buying it.

It needs some work but runs great.  After a little visit to the mechanic and the dmv we will be heading out.  There are some issues with having a vehicle of this type.  I can get a 30 day temporary registration but will have to travel to California to register it where I have my drivers license.  It is that or I must head down to Colorado and get a new license there and register it there.  Either way it will be done.


Not many people know this but if you have a privately owned vehicle, you don’t have to register with any state and you can travel freely on all public roads. So really I could brave it and head out.  However the Crow Foundation does not want to have any issues while out helping protesters. Then again we must practice what we preach. So we must become the change we wish to see, which means not supporting the machine.

Also following with being the change you wish to see.  The goal of the Crow Foundation is to turn this RV into an eco-friendly tour home.  It’ll run on hydrogen created with a hydrogen on demand generator. This generator can be used to fuel the truck and the generator, as well as fuel the stove.  Imagine the possabilities?  On top of that we will have solar panels and eventually create a compact Tesla Coil to fuel an entire electric motor home.  That is way off into the future though, so we will start by converting the RV into a hybrid of hydrogen and gasoline.

This will be a process but I ask that you continue to stick with me.  We will post videos on how to do it your self.  As well as videos of our adventures as we work for God and follow the great spirits river as he guides us through this world bringing healing like white blood cells in the great veins of our Mother Earth.

We thank you for your support and if you ever wish to help out you can always send me a message.  This isn’t going to be one of those foundations that asks for money.  When we need money God will provide it one way or another.  He has so far and I have faith that I’ll always have what I need.  I’ll never thirst, hunger, or run out of things to do.  I love you family, my Oyaday.  See  you on the front lines.