Lymes disease is a vicious disease that attacks the nervous system.  This disease is a tiny worm the shape of a cork screw that eats the nervous system by burrowing into the cells of the host.  As a veteran of lymes disease I have had to face this disease for many years.  The affects it has on a person and their energy is devastating to life.

Lymes disease was found in 1975 in Old Lyme Connecticut.  Just off the shore lines of Old Lyme is an island called Plum Island where the Animal Disease Center is located.  It is funny how lymes disease which was never heard of has appeared in our country near a government experimental facility.

This disease affects millions of Americans and their pets.  This disease can cause horrible pains in the muscles, joints, and organs. Symptoms are wide and vary. Anything from flu like symptoms, night sweats, to memory loss, and bells palsy. This disease sucks the energy and life from the host, causing them to have loss in appetite, stimulation, and joy.  All passion is destroyed. Motivation to even get up can be devoured.

The government and doctors offer a medicine called dextroamphetamine adipate. This drug offers an array of symptoms.  The worst being allergic to sunlight.  This drug actually made you not want to be in the one thing that has everything to do with your physical existence. There is one way I have found to treat any disease and that is to directly attack the symptoms.  Find out the cause and affect of lymes disease and begin to treat immediately.

However there are an array of magical earth plants that can cure most if not any disease.  This dog in this article is being treated with CBD oil, teasel, echinacea, and colloidal silver. The CBD for nerve damage repair and its infection fighting power, echinacea for boosting the immune system, teasel to draw out the disease from the organs, and colloidal silver to destroy the virus it’s self.

I have red about a vetrinarian who treats horses, dogs, and cats with Lemur a root and parts to a flower known in the world.  This herb I have yet to come across in a store, but just as anything is, I’m sure it can be purchased online. These treatments are more affordable then going to a vet but you still need to have your dog diagnosed before treatment.  The great thing about holistic medicine is it benefits the body regardless whether you’re sick or not.  Unlike the medicines pharmaceutical companies are pushing on the population.

What most people don’t realize is that pharmacy meds are the real gateway drug.  It affects millions of Americans and people from around the world. These drugs bring a euphoric and pain release that is hard to duplicate legally.  When the patients are still in pain but taken off the drugs cold turkey many of them rely on street drugs such as heroin, oxycotton, and xanax.

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This creates the supply and demand for our American drug addiction problem.  Not to say drug addiction is the only problem with the United States.  There is also addiction for wealth, addiction with food, addiction with shopping, an overall addiction with consuming.  A consumption to fill a void within our own hearts and souls.  A void that can only truly be filled by finding the cure within.

We can eat all the right herbs but with out the right state of mind and a connection to soul we cannot truly heal.  The mind is very powerful tool that can be used to help us in this life. If you believe you can heal, than you will heal.  Ask and you shall receive.  Faith the size of a mustard seed.  We are talking about changing the vibrations and frequencies in which we exist to cause healing affects on the conscious reality in which we exist.

I could speak for hours on how vibrations and thought coincide.  How we can use the power of law of attraction to heal our world.  This is however a process of slow steps.  A continual practice of being thoughtful, grateful, and loving. We live in a pond and the rim will always echo our own vibrations back to us.  We receive what we give.  This is called karma, it is called many things.  Yet it works.  Trust in God, trust in love, trust in healing.

All this is very beautiful but God has given us tools to help us on our path.  Everything created is good, how we use it decides if our means are just as justified as the ending.  This is why our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.  Just remember you can always email questions and concerns you have with all the information I share. I love you all and may you all be blessed.

Please send love and healing to Bailey in the picture above.  I am treating her now for 2 weeks and she can use all the positive thought and admiration she can get.