There is so much information floating around it is hard to get to the bottom of any story.  The Crow Foundation can’t wait to get out to the Sioux and help them bring awareness to their plight and all our plight. This is something we need to put a lot of focus into.  We are witnessing the government utilizing their resources to help push the agenda for corporate growth.

The stand off has come to a temporary week long break from pushing their 3.8 billion four state pipeline. This back off is only going to last at least a week.  Giving the Army Engineers time to fix their mistake when they pushed the pipeline approval through with out following proper treaties requirements.

We can only hope that the group marching on DC will be able to reach an agreement with the U.S. Government.  With plenty of support around the nation we will stop this pipeline from going up. However there are rumors that the governor is going to declare a state of emergency to bring in the big federal guns.

At the same time that all this is going on we have a huge movement from the Dakota tribes that are in Washington D.C. right now with over 200k signatures in protest of the pipeline.  They are using the system to fight the system, but this does help to slow down the machine.  Even though we must walk away from the machine and quit using it, we still need to slow it down to give our selves more time to switch over to a more natural holistic way of life.

I would just like to inform everyone that I am not a journalist site but will continue to give out information as it comes into me.  Plus next week we will be on site to bring up to date news and videos on the protests at the Sacred Stone Camp protesting the pipeline.  This isn’t a protest so much against as it is for.  We are for a greener planet, a more balanced way of living with nature.  This movement is not to just protest greed but to awaken our nurturing hearts and open our minds to the possibility of a planet that is in need of our love.