What we are witnessing in our world and at the Pipeline Protest in North Dakota is a movement that has started within the heart of this nation, the indigenous heart of every American. As we continue to watch the progress of this protest, it is important that we take a deep reflection into what we are truly facing here.  What does this protest truly mean for our nation and our future?

This pipeline, the company, the employees, and this protest are symptoms to a sickness that has taken almost our entire planet.  The cure to any disease starts by treating the symptoms individually.  That is why this is an important role for humanity.  We must stand together at each transgression, at each attack we must be ready to stand in solidarity.

The mainstream media may be able to black out the content but anyone can be a journalist.  Although it wasn’t the Crows Foundation original idea to bring awareness to this cause, we are seeing a way that we can reach and unite the world with information and awareness.  We will provide the stories of all those involved and to do it in a very lovingly biased view.

We must create awareness as to what will come if we continue to invest in fossil fuels.  Below is an embedded video of an underwater pipeline that burst on the Moscow River. The horror witnessed in this scene is just a taste of what Americans will face if this pipeline is finished.  There are rivers all over the nation that are beyond polluted and nothing is being done for the problems that exist now. We can’t afford another disaster.

Things are so bad in Louisiana that Trump had to go rescue them.  How bad are things when rich moguls PR promotions are the only help we get? Look at Flint Michigan, they still don’t have fresh drinking water. I have traveled much of this country and the rarest resource to find is fresh healthy drinking water.  Towns all across the nation are facing clean drinking water problems.

Out water in this nation has become a catastrophe to our health and the health of nature. Just as the Hopi nation has recently told us, we need to know our water.  Now is the time to make sure we protect our water, food, and air supply. We shouldn’t wait until a crisis happens to improve our state of being.

This is one of many symptoms that need treated.  This is just what we need to build our strength.  Everything takes practice, even uniting and coming together.  We must become more organized and better connected.  Please continue to follow the Crow Foundation as we head to the front lines to help bring peace and unity.  We ask for all protest and volunteers to maintain a non-violent attitude in all situations. Lets not give them any reasons to use extreme force on us.

Stay safe, pray for all involved, and never give up.  We are the ones we have been waiting for.