First Post!  So this blog will follow my travels across the Nation.  I’m traveling with my dog Niko from reservation to reservation.  Our intention is to help where we can and bring a unity haven’t seen in a long time.  I’ll travel to all the tribes of America and begin the unity of our people.

Our first stop will be to help the Sioux nation in North Dakota as they protest the corporate greed and their pipeline.  We are on the cusp of an awakening never before seen.  We have the technology to make money, fuel, and power obsolete.  We live in such advanced times that we can create energy from next to nothing using recycled materials.  There is no need for the greed to continue.

We will show our support by standing in line with the Native Americans protesting the pipe line at the Sacred Stone Campground.  We’ll provide food, water, and medicine to all the supporters that we can.  Here soon we will be able to accept donations to help fund these events, but in the mean time just send your love and prayers.  Show your support and solidarity by coming out to the camp and showing that we are united in a brighter greener future, not for us but for our children.

All across the nation people are standing up against this corruption and greed.  You to can help by boycotting the companies which are involved in these atrocities. Enbridge Inc. is the company in which is trying to build this section of pipeline.

The Crow Foundation will head out September 1st if you would like to come out and support the movement.