Welcome to the Crow Foundation!  The Foundation is me, Matthew Stark.  I am a humble servant of our Creator.  I claim all religion, and I serve all creation.  There isn’t a soul on my path I refuse to help.  If I have the means I will take care of anyone.  This path was started at Wounded Knee on Pine Ridge Reservation with the Lakota.

Since than I have traveled to France, Standing Rock, and now I am on the Hopi Reservation.  Learning to live and build communities that are self sustained, while experimenting with future technologies, ancient practices, and writing inspiring messages from my heart and soul.

There is a topic for everyone and I promise to start telling more of my stories, more of my journey.  For I believe my story can inspire many to also do the same.  To leave behind everything you know to serve humanity, to serve the Creator.  As all religions I do practice being Christ like and knowing the God within me, understanding just exactly what I am reflecting.

I believe our God is love and that when we reflect his/her (alpha and omega) love, we shine our true light for all to see.  “For my only commandment to you is for you to love each other as I have loved you.” – Jesus

Top 5 Recent Posts

  1. A Book of Lies - I'm writing a book in this moment, a Book of Lies.   Not that my book will be a lie, only that I will be speaking on many lies told to us as a society throughout the ages.
  2. Women and Men, are we equal? - Women and Men, are we equal? Women? Have you ever asked yourselves why you dress the way you do, why you follow the beauty trends around you? Could you imagine for a moment that everything is reversed for men and... Continue Reading →
  3. The Future of Humanity and Lies - Today April 2nd 2018, The Future of Humanity and Lies.  The world is full of lies, you can see it in our food industry, in our medical industry, in our schools, and our businesses. Is there anything that is what... Continue Reading →
  4. Cycles of Attachment, Making room to let more in. - Cycles of Attachment, Making room to let more in. Our lives are a collection of memories, that once lived, they flow into a river of dreams. We have been told by our ancestors, passed down through prophecy that one day... Continue Reading →
  5. The path to light can be very dark. - The path to light can be very dark. We don't always see the dark days of those who promise to teach happiness. The truth being, dark days are always there but we find the light and we endure to the end.